Checking market rate for Lyft/Linkedin/Slack

New vha
May 2, 2019 8 Comments

Recruiters often ask for an expected total comp number. I have 20 years of experience, been a director eng at Yahoo few years ago and later went to work at few startups. Based on role / existence of opportunities, different companies are interviewing me at different levels. Looking for TC / market rate for
Linkedin Director role - ?
Lyft M1 (manager role) - ?
Slack (senior manager role)- ?
Additional what could be a ideal tc range / market rate for a profile with 20 years experience in leadership. I understand it can vary widely based on interview perf and company - but looking for some guidance / range and reasoning behind it.


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  • Pinterest ytgbjjggff
    Sr Mgr - Dir for post IPO companies is in the 450+600k range.
    May 2, 2019 2
    • Apple DudeItsMe
      Thats too less. I am mgr and I make 500k
      May 2, 2019
    • didn't know PINS pays so little to Sr. mgr it should be 600-750 range for Sr. mgr and 700-1m for dir
      May 2, 2019
  • Apple DudeItsMe
    Dont go lyft. Thats downhill.

    Your TC Should be above 700k in general
    May 2, 2019 0
  • It depends on many factors, there is no standard number you can throw at the recruiter and expect to get it.

    First is your current comp .. if you have spend many many years in one company and just got the standard annual inflation raises, you current base could be quite low - unless you choose to lie to the recruiter, you can expect current base + 10-20%.

    Second is your interview performance - they will be willing to negotiate on your terms only if the feedback is very strong , else you run the risk of being put in the back burner if you give out a very high TC to the recruiter upfront. Companies are generally VERRRY picky when hiring senior leaders.

    Third is equity - this is completely random and depends on the company - FAANG is currently saturated with lot of downward pressure and one should not expect much appreciation from this point onwards. You will make significant money from equity only if you get into a hot start up (like slack) right before IPO AND the stock takes off like crazy AND holds over many years.

    The TC range for Senior Manager across the hundreds of companies in the valley is VERY wide. You could make 300K in one and 700K is another - all depending on how the above planets line up for you.

    Also, you mention you have 20 years of exp in leadership. Are you sure this is leadership only and not total experience ? If it is leadership only, then I would expect you be at least Senior Dir or VP by now.

    Good luck!
    May 3, 2019 1
    • New vha
      20 years - total yoe. Leadership - 12-14 years. Agreed with other points mentioned here.
      May 6, 2019
  • LinkedIn / Eng Tkzx23
    Director at linkedin is easily over 700
    May 2, 2019 1
    • LinkedIn / Eng mort
      Probably more
      May 2, 2019


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