Craziest things you've seen on a performance review

New IeMH34
Jan 16 9 Comments

Ok Blind gang-

It's performance review season. So here's my question:

What's the craziest thing you've ever seen written on a performance review?

Double points if it's a FAANG story


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TOP 9 Comments
  • Amazon blinded007
    Why don’t you start with one craziest thing you have seen in your career?
    Jan 16 2
    • New IeMH34
      One supervisor wrote that his team member had the personality of a dishrag
      Jan 17
    • New wgfU65
      Jan 18
  • Morgan Stanley Pride.17
    Jan 16 0
  • TC?
    Jan 16 0
  • Atlassian gandola
    I put down my paper at the time of performance review. I said it in the beginning. Poor manager was on back foot right from the beginning lol
    Jan 16 1
    • Microsoft summakizhi
      Not gandola - ga-ando 😜
      Jan 16
  • FormFactor Tove1
    In another post they say DP by facebook
    Jan 16 1


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