DC Tech Consultant Moving to San Francisco

New / Consultant dCEn58
Aug 14, 2019 2 Comments

3 YOE as business anayst/technology consultant for small firm in DC.

Looking for a new role in San Francisco as Strategy & Operations Analyst/Associate at a larger company (Uber, LinkedIn, etc.).

**What starting salary should I be looking for? Can I expect any company to be giving signing/relocation bonuses at my experience level?**

Any further advice or refferals greatly appreciated.


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  • Top Tier for 3 Yoe no MBA will be roughly Base:85-110k Bonus:10-15% Sign On:10-20k Equity:80-100k over 4. TC 120-140k. If you exit consulting at Senior/Manager role the TC would be closer to 150-180k
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  • Intuit Eske
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