Data Scientist: Microsoft IBM Deloitte

Feb 8, 2019 13 Comments

Data Scientist looking for a change since work is no fun.
YOE as Data Scientist 1
Overall YOE 6

Options so far:
Deloitte Senior Consultant for AI - No Location - 180

Microsoft confirmed offer,
Role is Data Scientist
yet to see the numbers.

I want to stay closer to tech side, but these are the options I have now


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TOP 13 Comments
  • Nielsen / Eng

    Nielsen Eng

    For Deloitte, just know that you will travel a fuck ton. You will be over worked. And you will never taste cutting edge research. You may not even be using modern computational methods let alone cutting edge. And if you stay too long, you will be fucking yourself because of how far the rest of tech will have reached by then.
    Feb 8, 2019 5
    • Deloitte / Consultant FHAs14
      Yes - you will travel and it won’t be fun unless you like travel.
      Feb 9, 2019
    • OP
      Leetcode but the bias towards consultants
      Feb 9, 2019
  • IBM jTkM01
    Stick with IBM. Go join data science elite team. If you need a referral, DM me
    Feb 8, 2019 4
    • OP
      how easy/difficult is it to switch internally?
      Feb 8, 2019
    • It shouldn't be a problem if your manager is good. just transferred to hybrid cloud and the whole process was complete within the month
      Feb 8, 2019
  • Deloitte Maor70
    Goto Microsoft.. i have worked both with ibm and Deloitte..they suck .. Microsoft is the way to go .. i currently am at Microsoft
    Feb 21, 2019 0


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