Deep dive on ICO.

Jan 6, 2018 1 Comment

I was reading about ICO and stumbled upon several questions. Hope I can borrow this community expertise.

At first glance it sounds like it is an IPO bUT there is subtle diff that it is not involved with any security and exchange so it’s more like crowd funding. Kind of make sense from the founders perspective to get some funding with no obligations.

So far so good, things get interesting with the whole crypto aspect here,

1) Does the project need to be on block Chain to participate into ICO?

2) Why does it need to be alt coin? I.e always exchange through main coins (BCT, Eth..) Why can’t it stand out like main coin?

3) So the founders get money in the form of btc,eth. End of the day they still need to convert it to real money to operate the logistics ?( real estate, employees compensation....etc)

4) is there any ICO board which actually checks the legit of a company who is willing to go ICO?

5) Last bUT not least, what’s the process to go for ICO?

Thanks in advance.


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    Anyway, any idea about travelflex
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