Delay graduation for internship?

EA / Eng snusagi
Aug 14, 2019 7 Comments

Hi all, I'm heading into my last year of university in Canada and have a bit of a dilemma. Once I graduate I'd like to work in the states but I don't see that happening right now with my current leetcode skills.

As a result, I was thinking of trying to land an internship at a company in the states, and hopefully that'll lead to a return offer or more opportunities to work there upon graduating.

The downsides of this would be that I could potentially miss out on $$$, but a good US internship pays around at least as much as a new grad Canadian offer, excluding better-paying Canadian companies (Big N, Shopify, etc). I don't think I can land a new grad offer at one of those companies right now though, so I think i'd be stuck making mediocre pay upon graduation.

If it matters, I've done 4 internships so far (3 at no names, one at EA) and have had interviews for Big N internships in the past, but didn't make it too far.

Would it be worth it to delay graduation for that reason? Or should I just graduate, deal with the Canadian salary, and try to make my way to the states in the future?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks a lot for reading.



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TOP 7 Comments
  • Apple / Eng 🐒codemonk
    What is big N?
    Aug 14, 2019 4
    • Apple / Eng 🐒codemonk
      Well I wondered if Big N is different in Canada 😉
      Aug 14, 2019
    • EA / Eng snusagi
      Ah, it's the same as Big N in the states, but only a handful of them have offices up here.
      Aug 14, 2019
  • Google / Eng batmobile
    You realize internship interviews at those companies also ask LC right? Might be slightly easier than for full time but still...
    Aug 14, 2019 1
    • EA / Eng snusagi
      Yeah, I'm hoping that i'll have a higher chance of getting in because they're slightly easier.
      Aug 14, 2019


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