Diversity and Inclusion

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Why does C1 talk about Diversity & Inclusion, yet those at the top definitely do not reflect diversity. I am finding that there are very few women and people of color at the tops of various orgs. Have you found that CapitalOne all talk?


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  • Amazon lemongras$
    Diversity and inclusion is BS at every company. Sure, they try to hire diversely at an entry/IC level, but they don't make the environments good enough for those people to stay. And they certainly don't actively care about diversity at higher levels.
    Jan 10 0
  • Medtronic BackToWork
    It’s check box activity. They don’t have diversity in C suite or even at executive level because of unconscious bias.
    Jan 10 0
  • Amazon BritishRaj
    Every company is this way.
    Jan 10 0
  • SAP tw-1
    Look at it this way...if forcing diversity and inclusion was profitable, they would be doing it already, and there is no need to have the forced diversity.
    Jan 10 0
  • Capital One grab123
    Bigotry running through this thread...proves the OPs point
    Jan 20 7
    • Facebook Ajna
      Nah, just the annoyance provoked by the loud and definitely not oppressed minority of people that made identity politics their own faith.
      Jan 21
    • First Republic Khorma
      @ajna you’re a liar and a bigot please put the quote here to prove what you claim. Otherwise seek help.
      Jan 21
  • Microsoft dmr
    "those at the top definitely do not reflect diversity"
    Didn't know that companies should hire and promote people based on their color and genitalia rather then credentials. Thank you for making it clear to me that we need to preach Diversity god above all!

    On a serious note, execs today reflect the industry 20-25 years ago when most of them started. AFAIK Satya didn't start by handling thousands of employees under him and he worked at Microsoft since 1992 and at Sun prior to that. When you preach diversity above credentials you get Ginni Rometty (IBM), Marissa Meyer or Elizabeth Holmes. When the right person is at the right place because she is capable to lead you get Sheryl Sandberg.
    Jan 12 0
  • Cisco VKFU58
    Maybe because they aren't qualified at all for those jobs? The most qualified person should be hired not just put a diversity hire in a position to make you feel better.
    Jan 12 3
    • Facebook Ajna
      Which minorities are prevented from learning which skills, exactly?
      Jan 12
    • Cisco VKFU58
      Oh please thats just social justice drivel. Skillsets for jobs are basic standards that anybody of any race or sex can learn through life. If diversity hires didn't learn them they simply aren't qualified for the job, period. Fact of the matter is they made poor life decisions or had different goals in life and thus are not qualified so aren't hired. There is nothing racist, sexist, or any other absurd *ist about it.
      Jan 12
  • New RkdX30
    Funny slightly off-topic story -- I recently toured an all-girls private school for my daughter, the rankings say it's the #1 top all-girls school in the country. They had a very long presentation on diversity and inclusion, they pushed it VERY hard saying things like "students learn best when they're surrounded by people with different background and viewpoints. We need to value *EVERY* viewpoint, learn from *EVERY* perspective, celebrate *EVERY* difference, involve *EVERYONE* in our community. We want to invite people who are different than ourselves. "

    But I kept thinking -- this is an all-girls school! How can you claim you value "involving people who are different than ourselves" if you're deliberately excluding boys? Or is it just that some kinds of "diversity of thought" are good but other kinds are not worth having?
    Jan 10 1
    • Expedia Group lackey
      Why would you put your child in an all girls school in the first place?
      Jan 10
  • Capital One hookie
    Diversity is a trophy thing for capital one. They spend more money in advertising that they are diverse vs actually embracing jt.

    There is absolutely zero diversity of thoughts at capital one.
    It works in a certain way and everyone is expected to talk like a polished white male.
    Jan 11 0
  • Facebook Ajna
    IIRC FB has like only 40% of white males in leadership and considering US are about 85% white, that is not do bad.

    I will stick to my guns and demand for candidates to be evaluated only on relevant skills, not shallow genetic traits or sexual orientation, but I would like to know what all the supporters of this ideology think about garbage collection (the smelly, physical one), oil rigs or construction workers, where for example we have a glorious 0% female representation.

    Why the fight for "equality" I'd always only for the comfy, high-pay jobs in tech or politics?

    Also, what do we do with roles like nurses, HRs and teachers? Should we send home a good chunk of their 90% female workers and get more men there to balance an asymmetry that is more marked than the one in tech?
    Jan 12 4
    • ManTech psAt21
      Lmao I'm agreeing with you. Just observing a data point.
      Jan 12
    • Facebook Ajna
      Fair enough, pardon me for assuming 🙂
      Jan 12


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