Do FAANG referrals work?

Jan 16 4 Comments

I see people asking for FAANG referrals here all the time. Can anybody positively claim that they increase one's chances of getting an interview? I believe at Bloomberg, where I currently work, they don't.


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Yes, but it won’t affect the outcome of your interview.
    Jan 16 0
  • LinkedIn QVbb83
    I haven't referred anyone that didn't get interviewed unless they didn't meet most of the basic requirements.
    Jan 16 0
  • Northrop Grumman / Data GGNOREzzz
    Let’s you skip the line. That’s all
    Jan 16 0
  • New fnp
    If also a recruiter is notified , it really increases your chances of an interview. It actually speeds the process
    Jan 16 0


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