Does Google reimburse mobile bill for SWE?

UWorld huer
5d 10 Comments

Momo says we need manager’s approval for that. Is it approved only if we have business needs or is it approved in general?
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L3 Swe
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  • Who is a Momo?pichai momo?
    5d 1
    • UWorld huer
      Google’ internal wiki
  • Google seacar
    My experience: Google Fi approved in general, reimbursing a phone bill approved for business needs
    5d 3
    • Cobham shwvdiswv
      Do you talk to your manager first? Or just do request? I plan to switch company after getting in G. If that is the case I would choose G Fi
    • Google seacar
      Talk to manager first
    • Cobham shwvdiswv
      thank you!
  • Google dhokla
    You can get phone + phone line via google or internet bill reimbursement.
    5d 1
  • Square AzID47
    If you're oncall you should be able to get it, at least.
    5d 0
  • Uber lrfq30
    Manager approval, easy to get
    5d 0


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