Domain change - Application software to system software engineer

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Mar 28, 2019 1 Comment

Currently working in Network security domain. Have an offer from Apple in system software . TC is a jump up from my current role .And also Apple is a good brand to have on resume .
But I am considering future in system software . I see many people complaining about lack of options in embedded/system software . Does the change in domain makes sense . Should I look for something in network sec/cloud .

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    Seems as if system level development isn't in high demand. But that's not true, it's rather a bit hidden as there are probably 100:1 application level developers to system level engineers. Same with compilers, ML engine or 3D engine developers. Not many open positions, but if you keep your eyes open for them, you'll find them. Always follow your passion. Never accept doing something you really don't want to do.
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