DoorDash Strategic Partner Manager

Jun 25, 2019 7 Comments

I spoke to a recruiter briefly about this role in Atlanta. Anyone know the location of the office? Google-ing “DoorDash Atlanta” pulls up a janky Dasher Center, is this the location where the SPMs work?


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TOP 7 Comments
  • DoorDash aty
    I know a couple people out of ATL, they don't work in a Dasher center lol
    Jun 26, 2019 6
    • LinkedIn / Sales qrNi01
      What are you thoughts on the Austin, TX office? I was told it was an option as well.
      Jun 30, 2019
    • DoorDash aty
      I don't know anyone who works out of Austin, but it's a cool city. I'd rather live there than ATL personally
      Jun 30, 2019


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