Email campaign success measurement

Apr 29, 2018 7 Comments

Hi folks! Had a question that I was unsure how to answer.

Situation: Let’s say you are Apple and have just launched a new iPhone. In addition to TV & YouTube ads, you also send emails to your customer base informing them of the launch and containing an Apple store link to buy the phone.

1. How do you measure the success of the ‘email’ campaign?
2. What metrics to use to define success?
3. What test control type approach would you use to establish incrementality of email campaign?

My approach so far: Apple should have a test & control group. Test gets email, control does not. Both groups are statistically similar based in same geography (Say SF). Measure incremental sales (online, in store) in test over control in a defined time period.

Does this sound correct? Would you mind sharing any additional insight?
Thanks for taking the time! Appreciate it.


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  • Amazon wwqwwq
    Open rate, click through rate, bounce rate, conversion rate. Revenue generated by email...etc. email campaigns are not that effective anymore
    Apr 29, 2018 2
    • OP
      Thanks! If we do send emails, what’s the best way to measure its success? For the metrics you mentioned above what are ‘success’ cut-offs? How long after sending emails should we wait to measure impact on revenue? Appreciate your help anyways!
      Apr 30, 2018
    • Microsoft Blackipee
      Look across industry and see if you can find trend. Look internally at Apple and surely there are email campaigns run before. Use those as baseline. Every campaign is different; using historic events would be one good way to set your success KPIs
      Apr 30, 2018
  • Isolating email conversions without leveraging multi-touch attribution is complex. Here you would leverage the Call To Action (CTA).

    If the CTA takes the user to the online store, you embed UTMs in the CTA, and look for those parameters in your Data Warehouse

    If the email is just informational, you could leverage multi-touch attribution and agree on a multiplier with sales (based on past data) such that 0.00x% of all email opens will result in store conversions. And based on that..
    Apr 30, 2018 1
    • OP
      Great answer! Thanks for taking the time to write! One follow up, in Apple’s case chances are some users (who get emails) would have bought anyway.
      How do we establish incremental sales from emails? Especially given that Apple would be running many other forms of advertising (TV, YouTube) to promote the new phone.
      Apr 30, 2018
  • Apple / Other Tres comas
    There are a lot of different KPIs on email marketing.

    If you are looking for sales then a true measurement is revenue per cpm.

    After that its secondary KPls such as open rate and ctr. How many links will be tracked?
    Apr 29, 2018 1
    • OP
      Thanks! How do we establish that sending emails was incremental to sales? Especially for Apple which will also sell via retail stores?
      Apr 30, 2018


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