FMLA Discrimination - Lawyer Referrals Needed for Seattle

Jan 7 5 Comments

I work at Amazon as an SDM and am being forced out after taking FMLA leave. I’ve consulted some lawyers in San Francisco, and they think I have a good case, but cannot practice in Washington. Does anyone have a referral to an employment lawyer near the seattle area?

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  • did you sign an "At Will" employment agreement when you hired in? That's usually an out for the employer in terms of age and FMLA discrimination...
    Jan 7 2
    • OP
      FMLA retaliation doesn’t have anything to do with At Will agreements according to the lawyers I’ve spoken with.
      Jan 8
    • Amazon pfYo41
      At-will wouldn’t allow an employers to fire someone illegally (e.g. discriminating based on protected class, fmla usage, etc)
      Jan 14
  • Were you on PIP before taking FMLA ? In general in good standing ? If so, this is illegal and worth pursuing
    Jan 7 1
    • OP
      Yes I wasn’t on the dev list before.
      Jan 7


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