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Sep 17, 2018 1 Comment

I was supposed to graduate in Dec. 2018. I have a return intern offer for Facebook for fulltime; however, I wanna do more internships (as I have only done 1 internships). I wanna do a finance internship. My plan is to do a FB Coop in the Spring of 2019 and then a finance internship in Summer of 2019 and then decide on full time. How do I convince Facebook to let me do this and does anyone know if they check transcripts?


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  • Amazon randname19
    I don’t really think this makes all that much sense, but you can probably pull it off if Facebook is willing to let you come back as an intern in the spring instead of full-time after graduation. They probably won’t check to see when you graduate, so if you were to lie to them, you’d probably get away with it. Then, you can just ask for 3 months after “graduation” during which you can do your finance internship instead of the Europe trip that every other college grad in America does
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