Facebook DS : Team change vs Company change

Jan 17 18 Comments

I am IC4 DS who joined Facebook a year back. I am currently bored in my team although I enjoy working for Facebook in general. Should I change the team or look for another company to work for. My current TC is 142k Base+10%bonus+40k stocks per year = 196k. Can I expect a TC of around 240k if I join companies like Twitter/Airbnb/Lyft/Pinterest?


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  • Facebook jaiebsls
    Am in a similar boat. I’m applying internally and externally and seeing where it lands.
    Jan 17 7
    • Affirm / Eng ramenlover
      Why does it destroy the relationship? You can totally be civil about it. Just tell your boss you really like the team but you want to invest in your future, and can FB match these offers? I think anyone can understand that, especially with the high cost of living in the bay.

      I don’t think it’s possible to stay and get a large TC bump without interviewing so it’s up to you to decide what you value more. Environment or compensation?
      Jan 18
    • Facebook jaiebsls
      Jan 18
  • Airbnb qwemnbpoi
    240k is on the low end for l4 DS at Airbnb. I’m guessing 260k without bonus - 170k base, 90k per year RSUs (360k over 4) - is about average for l4. Top l4 base maxes I think at 195k or so, but that’s not likely if you just became l4 elsewhere.

    Bonus was just announced to be continued onwards, but details were not given. L4 target is 15% currently.
    Jan 21 3
    • Facebook ffaannggg
      Sent you a DM. Want to know more about the work culture at Airbnb :)
      Jan 21
    • How hard is it to get in? I know one person who interviewed recently for DS and they said the process with Airbnb was the worst they have ever encountered due to insane number of rounds/time commitment needed
      Jan 21
  • GrubHub moihd
    I would have expected data scientist tc to be higher. Are you in analytics, infrastructure, or machine learning?
    Jan 17 3
    • GrubHub moihd
      How is analytics at fb and how does it compare to infrastructure or machine learning? Is it easy to change ds type at fb?
      Jan 18
    • New aypm36
      What was your joining bonus?
      Jan 18
  • New / Data

    New Data

    Going through ds analytics interviews. Can I dm you for advice ?
    Jan 17 1


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