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New nickle
Nov 13, 2018 2 Comments

Are there any Facebook NY teams that have open intern spots for the summer? Looking to transfer my FB MP summer offer to NY.

MIT senior (CS) doing 5 year masters, past experience at Apple, Twitch, hedge funds, research in AI/networks, interested in backend work.


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  • Facebook / Eng uiDB45
    There always are, but internship spots in FBNY are VERY hard to come by. You should talk to your recruiter about your specific desire to be in NY for the location.
    Nov 13, 2018 1
    • New nickle
      Do you know if its just a more selective hiring committee that vets all incoming interns? Or is it that teams request specific candidates? Recruiter wasn’t able to give much info, just that I hadn’t been approved for NY placement.
      Nov 13, 2018


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