Failed fb em soft skills interview: recommend prep materials

Jan 15 7 Comments

Fb interview for M1 didnt go well.
Tech part was good but i didnt show enough signals on career leadership and project retrospective interviews. The feedback was
“too much optimism and lacking frameworks”
recommended to try again in 6mo.
Overall interview experience was positive.

About me:
Almost 10yoe managing teams of ~20 people in different companies eith tradking record pf success.
Managing 5 people at netlflix currently.

Any advice on better prep? Books or frameworks I should learn about to do better on the interview?

p.s frankly i thought about applying to the fb m2 or google l7 roles initially but failed m1 instead.

TC: 500+


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  • Indeed beebnl
    Failing at m1 interview doesn’t necessarily mean you are not m2 material. Keep trying like above comment
    Jan 15 0
  • Seagate toti420
    Why would you go from TC 500+ at NFLX to FB? Genuinely curious...
    Jan 15 4
    • Netflix lostinspac
      Good luck, it’s a great company
      Jan 15
    • Seagate toti420
      Thank you!
      Jan 15
  • Microsoft 421
    I remember there is a post in the past, talking about an Amazon M1 interviewing other places, totally he got 14 rejects in 3 years. Then finally crack fb M1.
    Its very encouraging, just keep trying, never giveup.

    Sometimes luck plays a role here.
    Jan 15 0


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