Failing PIP. Next steps. Health benefits.

Jan 6, 2018 74 Comments

So inspite my giving it the best my dick of a manager decided that I’m not meeting his bar for performance in my PIP. The deadline of the PIP is Monday. Does anyone know what comes next? Do I get a day or week to transition out and leave or am I packing up my stuff on Monday and be gone?

Also does anyone know about health benefits? I have a baby on the way (in feb) and I’m going to ask that they keep my benefits alive till feb end.


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  • BlackBerry PowerPuf🦍
    Manager’s who put you on a PIP do not do so because they want your performance to improve but because they want you gone.
    If your manger decides that you are not meeting the bar for performance then expect to be fired on or before the end of the PIP. (You’ll likely be escorted out so make sure you take everything that belongs to you over the weekend from your desk)
    Usually they will give you benefits for about a month from the day of your firing and ask you to sign a Non Disparagement Agreement (NDA) stating that in return for getting a severance and not asking for any monies back (relocation, bonus) that you don’t sue them or disparage them. (It’s a dick move to ask you to sign in return for the severance and not asking you to repay any monies due)

    How long were you at the company and which group is this? Which location? (PM me the details and depending on your location I’ll give you contact info for a few lawyers)

    I recommend that you copy your entire mailbox, documents etc.. and keep notes of who did what and when. Don’t sign the NDA right away as you should call a few employment lawyers to see if they will take up your case.

    Very important is to find the company handbook outlining its policies and storing that in a safe place. Employment lawyers will ask for this.

    The company will give you two weeks to send in the signed NDA. That’s how much time you have to either sue them or sign the NDA and be done. If you decide to sue make sure that you sue in the jurisdiction mentioned in the NDA.

    Start your job search if you haven’t already done so and don’t use your manager or others who hold a dim view of you as references.
    Jan 6, 2018 16
    • Amazon / Product

      Amazon Product

      Paternity benefit - probably a father sonia it a protected category (always though it’s expected mothers) Well we do it know real details of the case and OP performance. Just out of curiosity how likely other employees would know that OP went for a lawyer? Personally would not hire anyone with a history like that
      Jan 6, 2018
    • PowerPufs answer is the correct one. Dust ups with junior managers happen all the time and the outcome is a PIP. People rarely get fired for incompetence.
      Jan 28, 2018
  • Maybe you can go on paternity leave now, and dare them to fire you once you’re on it
    Jan 6, 2018 0
  • Deutsche Bank LPeJ52
    Only one of the above advices gets you out of the mess completely and easily - trust me. That advice is FMLA - medical health leave. You need to have a medical reason / doctor certificate and once you do - just call your FMLA representative and just go on leave with full benefits . You can take FMLA until 3 months , usually companies pay full salary and you cannot be fired . You will have 3 months to find your new job
    Jan 7, 2018 0
  • Microsoft


    Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore
    You can download the whl file and run pip using the local whl file
    Jan 6, 2018 2
    • BlackBerry PowerPuf🦍
      Jokes on you! Wrong PIP!
      Jan 6, 2018
    • Revinate / Data JPQ
      L O L
      pip install context
      Jan 6, 2018
  • Revinate / Data JPQ
    Yes. As mentioned above, please clean out your desk now, after work hours. Forward yourself important emails, export some contacts you might need, phone numbers, etc. Maybe delete any personal emails. Keep a bag/box/backpack with you to take the few things you need every day, on your last day.
    Prepare a farewell message, to send to those contacts you exported, as managment's story of why you are leaving will be different from your own. It's disruptive to those remaining who will wonder what the real story is for several weeks.

    Also think of who might be able to write you a recommendation and ask for it within a few days of your departure - before people forget you and don't care as much.
    Jan 6, 2018 1
    • Samsung UniqMe
      Also, clean your desk and get all your belongings home over the weekend. You would need to concentrate on other things if that day comes. Also start applying everywhere and prepare for interviews. You will find a better oppurtunity soon.
      Jan 6, 2018
  • Amazon / Other Pastaaa
    You could take “stress leave” now and transition to paternity leave when the baby is born and they won’t be able to terminate your employment. You’ll most definitely be fired when you return, but at least you’ll have insurance when the baby comes.
    Jan 7, 2018 3
    • Amazon / Other Pastaaa
      You have to check in with your doctor weekly, but you get 60% pay and full health benefits.
      Jan 7, 2018
    • Amazon / Other Pastaaa
      Important note: The leave team is not part of HR. If you go this route, file for leave on your own and DO NOT tell your HRBP.
      Jan 7, 2018
  • Apple Deported
    > “inspite my giving it the best”
    That was your first mistake. They never let you pass the PIP.

    What should you do? Clean out your desk, save any contacts, and start looking for a new job. Use Hired and Triplebyte.
    Jan 6, 2018 5
    • Apple Deported
      I’m thinking they would if they wanted convince employees that the PIP is a fundamentally fair process - for example, if only 10% did not survive the PIP.
      Jan 6, 2018
    • BlackBerry PowerPuf🦍
      They don’t care. Did you see Bezos’ response to the 2015 NYT article?
      Jan 6, 2018
  • Expedia Minion_^^
    Really sorry to hear that. One of my friend in Amazon who got his 2nd baby got PiP as well because he couldn’t work like other crazy people (60-90hr/wk). Please keep us updated and good luck!
    Jan 6, 2018 0
  • Amazon / Mgmt

    Amazon Mgmt

    Were you offered a Pivot?
    Jan 6, 2018 15
    • Amazon tpiu4
      Btw yes I was put in pivot. I can as fooled by my managers talk that “this is just a blip”, “I believe this can be fixed”. We both agreed though that having to do this in December when my abilities to make change are limited is a bad idea. He waffled with his feedback every week. One week was awesome next one was “I’m not sure”. But by that time it was no turning back to the higher severance. Even the HR person told him to be clear about his feedback to me. Then the Friday before Christmas he’s like I would put 100% of fort in looking for a gig outside. Totally shocking and that’s where I’m at.
      Jan 7, 2018
    • BlackBerry PowerPuf🦍
      HR will support management over you. They are not there to help you but to protect the company from you
      Jan 7, 2018
  • Amazon / Other Pastaaa
    I just went through this process. Your manager and HRBP will meet you in the lobby, give you a speech about what an idiot you are, then ask you to leave the building.

    I was told everything on my desk would be packed up and sent to me... it’s been 5 weeks and it’s still not here.

    Your health benefits are terminated the day of unemployment. You’ll get a letter in the mail explaining that for a small fortune, you can reinstate your insurance through COBRA. Note: finding your own insurance is much more affordable.

    Also, make sure you file for unemployment so you get your unemployment checks. The process takes a few weeks. DO NOT start job hunting til you do this. Anything you apply to or interview for won’t count towards the required “job seeking activity” to get your payments until you’ve filed.
    Jan 6, 2018 2
    • Amazon eek a 🐁
      I don't believe you will get this speech in a public place. I have walked out people who failed a PIP. We always book a meeting room not on your floor, discuss the situation there, with manager and HRBP, and then walk you out after discussion.

      It's done that was in case you react emotionally so you'll have the privacy to have that moment behind a closed door, and so you are unlikely to have to walk past your own team mates on the walk of shame to the lobby.
      Jan 6, 2018
    • Amazon / Eng 🏗SEA🚧
      Or not to scare the team members and keep them in the dark. That’s actually a bigger motivation for the company.
      Jan 6, 2018


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