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Oct 25, 2017 6 Comments

Ok everyone. Right now I work at a firearms distributor and with all of the recent shootings I get sick to my stomach working there. Sorry if your an NRA or Second Amend. utilizer. Fact is we had one of our best weeks of the whole last year after the Vegas shootings and that’s tearing me up. People called in wanting the exact gun the guy had. Anyways, I’m trying to get out. I’m a Graphic Designer who has done a bit of everything, including UI/UX.

I’m looking to change careers into Development (Front End). I have bought several courses on Udemy and am partnering that with Codecademy. Are these viable paths to the type of knowledge that can lead to getting hired?

I’m also simultaneously going back to school to finish up my Web Design degree. Is this worth it? Do people care in the development world if you have an AS in Computer Science?

In conclusion I need direction on learning to code from people that are in the field right now. I also need to know if a degree is worth it? I have experience but it’s in the firearms industry where the the political spectrum is the opposite of many creative companies...anybody here ever come out of an industry like that? Any advice on how to present yourself after being in a divisive industry would be appreciated (hard to include any of that work in my portfolio)?


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  • Apple / Eng MaybeOrNot
    Prior firearms work shouldn’t be a detractor as a hiring manager. You’ll want to sell the skills it taught you in the resume. Degree helps get into an interview, but cost/benefit might be tricky for that. 1 yr at some startup or small company willing to take the chance on you and serious practice/training (ideally with some open source code contributions) is another option.
    Oct 25, 2017 4
    • OP
      Oh come on man I typed this out fast. Just wanting advice! While I appreciate that better grammar could change my life. I feel like your primary goal was to be sarcastic and not helpful.
      Oct 26, 2017
    • Apple / Eng MaybeOrNot
      I’m liberal, female, and as hiring manager wouldn’t blackball you for any particular prior company or industry.
      Oct 26, 2017
  • Apple / Eng MaybeOrNot
    It’s different and therefore unique and a I like getting a variety of perspectives on a team, but I can’t speak for all managers, of course.
    Oct 25, 2017 0


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