Getting rejected in interviews

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Guys need some help here. I am a hardware engineer , I happen to be performing quite well in most of the onsites I attend (apple nvidia MS amazon etc) but for what ever reason I end up not being provided an offer.

I really have no feedback regarding what may be missing in my package but I do notice the interviewers seem happy when I answer them their questions (or they are meant to behave that way with everyone) and end up getting rejected with an email saying they found someone better .

I have 5 years of exp and am into design verification.

Any suggestions to improve my interview chops and land a job .


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  • NVIDIA Pbfea
    Puh... I have 20 years of experience, successfully accomplished big projects in the past and have a PhD. I can't find a job for more than a year. So relax, you are fine. The hiring market has become a dating site, everybody is looking for Unicorns. Besides being able to do your job, you must show that you are eager to work 80 hours a week for free, because you love your job, and can entertain your boss with singing and dancing.
    Jan 10 3
    • Intel kjhg567
      Nicely put. I also see hiring managers preferring referrals rather than portal. How you get introduced to the HM and by whom also matters and determines the level of difficulty.
      Jan 10
    • NVIDIA Pbfea
      Yes, connections and introduction mean everything. All else is just noise to pretend they are really looking for candidates.

      It's funny. I check sometimes NVIDIA vacancies on LinkedIn. There's a vacancy that get reposted for more than a year over and over. The position does not require to be super duper smart, but they want a PhD for something like running tests, i.e. for a button presser.
      Jan 10
  • Qualcomm yxOq35
    Happened the same with me for a while, didn’t understand what’s going wrong, I was getting calls, going onsite, getting rejected. Then I started logging every second of interview immediately after it. I recorder my interview phone calls. for on-site interviews, i went straight back to hotel room and logged every round, every question of my interview. I helped understand where I going wrong. In 2 months, I had offers to choose from. Good luck!
    Jan 10 2
    • Nike ddx
      This is the best advice. I didn't record phone interviews as I wasn't sure if that's legal. I did take good notes afterwards and think hard and write down how I'd improve my answers if I had more time. This helped me go from phone screens, to on sites, to getting offers. It's also easier to get feedback from others if you have some sort of log. Otherwise everyone here can only speculate which won't help you much.
      Jan 10
    • Intel / Other cturtle
      What short comings did you notice after doing this exercise? And how did you overcome this?
      Jan 10
  • Qualcomm libertarin
    Your problem is that hardware jobs are not growing like other fields
    Jan 10 6
    • Pure Storage espuela🌯
      I work in tech, I've been through many interviews and gotten many job offers and I work with hiring managers and recruiters. And you're wrong. There may be some isolated fucked up situations but overall the incentives are to make job offers to someone.

      If you're a recruiter, you're judged on closing candidates so all your incentives are to push the hiring manager to make an offer to someone. And if you're the hiring manager, you had to work to get budget to open the req and get the job posted in the first place, and the longer it stays open the higher the risk that you lose the req to someone else. As a manager, having a bigger team that does more stuff is your best way to get promoted so again once you get the req all of the incentives are to fill it.

      Corporate culture is strange and unfair but I don't think in the ways you seem to believe. If you are getting interviews then in the majority of cases, the hiring manager thought you were a plausible fit for the job, and if you're not getting any offers, that's on you.
      Jan 11
    • NVIDIA Pbfea
      Explain job vacancies on LinkedIn hanging and getting reposted for a year. Lists of requirements in most of the LinkedIn job postings don't make sense.

      Btw, I wouldn't hire you. Telling people straightforwardly they are wrong is very impolite, you humiliated me. 😁🤣

      All my successful senior engineer friends admit that the time they could find a job without connections was decades ago.

      I guess I am from another planet. 😁
      Jan 11
  • Pure Storage espuela🌯
    I think you need to change your mind set. If you're not getting offers then you're not performing well in the interviews. By definition. Try to be honest and even harsh on yourself - did you really do well on the question, or was the interviewer trying to avoid awkwardness and just get out of there?
    Jan 10 17
    • Intel tevC03
      I see how bubbles start. Pbfea thanks for teaching me I should log off.
      Jan 12
    • NVIDIA Pbfea
      I am glad I was helpful.
      Jan 12
  • Tempo Automation annfromhr
    Tech Recruiter here. I focus mainly on hardware and manufacturing. Would be happy to help - DM me
    Jan 10 0
  • Intel jkqc22
    I didn't have explicit behavioural interviews except amazon . any general points to consider here.
    Jan 8 1
    • Intel Hope:)
      Difficult to pin point but if you are technically doing good, there may be some red flags in behavioral.
      For example: tell me a time when you had a conflict with a co-worker. It's a famous question. Make sure you answer in STAR format. Also don't use red flag like blaming the colleague. Conflict should be more like work related and should be resolved using data/statistics/pilot etc.
      Jan 8
  • Intel Hope:)
    How do you do in behavioral interview? May be it's not technical.
    Jan 8 0
  • Intel kjhg567
    Don't lose hope.
    Jan 10 0


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