Good WLB helps with jumping ship?

Jan 15 22 Comments

Wlb here sucks so we don't have time leetcode and interview, wondering ppl from companies with excellent wlb like LinkedIn, Dropbox, Pinterest, Microsoft, salesforce, etc, why don't you leetcode and interview a bunch to get that sweet TC bump?
This question is specific to ppl who are underpaid.

TC: 260k


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  • Microsoft JkNB04
    Isn't the answer in your question
    Jan 15 3
    • Facebook hblk
      @JkNB04, I genuinely don't understand why ppl at MSFT makes less than 200k with 5 YOE still choose to stay while they probably can make double elsewhere, especially given that they have so much free time to prepare for interviews, hence the question.
      Jan 15
    • Tableau / Eng

      Tableau Eng

      Either they are too comfortable, they procrastinate, they suck, they don't know, they have visa issues / insecurities. Pick any
      Jan 15
  • Google pjgv
    Excellent WLB also means they would NOT want to jump ship.

    Some people value 20 hour work weeks and 6 week vacations.
    Jan 15 2
    • Microsoft wrangle
      Definitely that's the reason for Microsoft lol
      Jan 15
    • Google blinddev69
      What company has that?
      Jan 15
  • TriNet amsldpwk
    Current TC?
    Jan 15 5
  • Oracle / Eng vAPF84
    Why Linkedin have heard killer offers from them.
    Jan 15 3
    • LinkedIn romba
      Linkedin offers are pretty good.
      Refresher sucks, but your pay is still good for the next 4 years, so that’s hardly a concern. Almost everyone jumps ship after 4 years of enjoying WLB and amazing food!
      Jan 15
    • Oracle / Eng vAPF84
      I heard that Linkedin gives god refreshers to top 25%
      Jan 15
  • LinkedIn romba
    MSFT has he best pay per hour worked. Why would anyone want to jump ship?!
    Jan 15 2
    • Apple vaporize
      I thought this wasn't true in Azure
      Jan 15
    • LinkedIn romba
      That’s probably true, but then it makes no sense for those folks to work at MSft.
      I just meant some of those companies have best pay per hour.
      Jan 15
  • Dropbox / Eng orvdndibe
    DBX IMO is the sweet spot. TC is great and wlb is great. Afaik jumping to fb I can make 15% more and the stress is not worth 15%.
    Jan 21 0
  • Juniper chatbott
    +1 🧘🏻‍♂️
    Jan 15 0


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