Good tech hubs outside of California with a focus on robotics/ml

New / Eng ssGb03
Oct 5, 2019 17 Comments

I'm thinking of leaving San Diego in the next 6 months. I need a great nightlife and to be surrounded by smart people who are in my same shoes/age range(I will be 22 by the time I move). I already have plans to visit Austin, Vegas and Miami possibly NYC but I can't see myself living there. Any other places I should check out?

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  • New EDWb74
    You aren’t smart as you think
    Oct 5, 2019 6
    • New / Eng ssGb03
      Yeah my mom is probably average when it comes to smarts, pretty sure I get all of my brains from my dad and our German background
      Oct 5, 2019
    • Google Metrics
      Lots of great engineers and scientists from Germany, historically and present
      Oct 5, 2019
  • Amazon / Data

    Amazon Data

    Google, Akamai Technologies
    Pittsburgh, CMU has a good robotics department and lot of tech companies feed off of that talent. Uber ATG is based out of that for sure.

    And Boston too
    Oct 5, 2019 1
    • Google / Eng rickman
      Pittsburgh is a definite robotics hub
      Oct 5, 2019
  • Google Metrics
    Boston and Tokyo are leaders in pioneering robotics engineering/research
    Oct 5, 2019 0
  • Roku / R&D Family.Man
    Russia, China
    Oct 5, 2019 0
  • Amazon Spartucus
    Robotics and ML are already niches in CS and youret looking for a tech hub that caters to both those disciplines? You're not gonna find big ones. SV will always have people in those areas. Boston, Pittsburgh has a lot of work in robotics. Seattle, Boston probably has some companies working in ML.

    But if you're really checking out Miami and Vegas you're expectations must be really low right?
    Oct 5, 2019 1
    • New / Eng ssGb03
      Yeah those were basically hail Marys as i wasn't expecting them to be robotics hubs
      Oct 5, 2019
  • Apple WOZ19
    Is San Diego a good place for ML/Robotics? Could you list some companies in those fields?

    Montreal, Toronto and Orlando (Lockheed Martin) are some options you can consider.
    Oct 6, 2019 0
  • Amazon i38d8Q
    Boston. Seattle is cloud hub.
    Oct 5, 2019 0
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Boston, Seattle, Tokyo, Singapore
    Oct 5, 2019 0
  • Flowcast lulll
    Probably Seattle
    Oct 5, 2019 0


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