Google Cloud vs. AWS

Aug 17, 2019 89 Comments

Which is preferred for retail and why?



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  • Jet hROD00
    No one should ever use Cloud Providers. It's an expensive joke.
    Aug 19, 2019 22
    • OfferUp Dmme30
      If you don’t understand opportunity cost, you should not give advice to startups.
      Aug 20, 2019
    • Jet hROD00
      I understand opportunity cost just fine and had my own start up. Sounds like you don't understand marginal revenue. If you are into techtrend-hopping never put your money where your mouth is.
      Aug 20, 2019
  • TripActions ohai
    Google Cloud, because everyone should be doing Kubernetes for web services and they're the only ones that do Kubernetes correctly
    Aug 17, 2019 11
    • Amazon dssa2
      Has anyone uses digital oceans kubernetes service? Is it any good?
      Aug 19, 2019
    • Nordstrom OGNord
      Even with all the gaping security risks? Don’t bother running any PCI workload on it.....
      Aug 19, 2019
  • Amazon gsgdgwhshh
    51% kubernetes workloads are running on AWS. Check how airbnb uber're running k8s on AWS.
    Aug 17, 2019 5
    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      What about Fargate? Genuinely curious.
      Aug 18, 2019
    • TripActions ohai
      @fahrenheit if one must to run containers on AWS (because they're already locked in and moving to k8s on GKE seems insurmountable), using ECS with a deployment type of EC2 or Fargate is the best option, although far more expensive, restrictive, and unnecessarily complex and more difficult for beginners to grok (although this is true of much of AWS and not just ECS)
      Aug 18, 2019
  • Walmart / Eng XsEg37
    Gcloud but that's for different reasons that you think - Amazon is on direct competition with retail companies
    Aug 17, 2019 7
    • The Home Depot / IT Hmr
      @tt10 I don't think AWS have significan economical advantage to offset the potential risk. it's short sighted to compare Netflix va amazon to retailers vs amazon. What's core business to each of them, who has upper hand in each field, if possible conspiracy happens on spying, what's the cost of it all have to be assed. In short, it's not worth giving amazon money which will be used by amazon to compete with the same company. Ya... Amazon will still make money regardless....but nothing wrong if retailers decide not to contribute to Amazons growth by all means.
      Aug 19, 2019
    • The Home Depot / IT Hmr
      I also wonder if Netflix would choose AWS, if they have to start re building their platform today. Content they had and what amazon had when Netflix onboarded AWS is not the same today. Regardless, retailers won't see in the eyes of Netflix.
      Aug 19, 2019
  • Amazon / Mgmt N8rh4a
    AWS because it has almost every solution built-in. Most medium complexity to advanced use cases can be production-ized within a few days using easy to consume wrappers and self managing infra underneath. The cost of running your services is low and production support is by far the most superior.

    However, if you do not see yourself using a whole lot of integrated cloud services in the future and do not mind managing some of your infrastructure by yourself, you can consider alternatives.

    Disclaimer: I work for Amazon AWS.
    Aug 18, 2019 0
  • Target / Data ICOs45
    For retail? GCS. Why the hell would you give money to a competitor?
    Aug 19, 2019 4
    • Jet hROD00
      Definitely don't go to a competitor. Especially when you consider the severity of the lock-in.
      Aug 19, 2019
    • Walmart raise
      The only correct answer here
      Aug 19, 2019
  • Amazon amazonguy
    GCP, because I know Amazon's unbelievable amount of technical debt inside and soon enough reality will catch up. And their closed mindset and bad treatment of engineers can't have any future. Just waiting to see how long until they run out of steam.
    Aug 19, 2019 2
    • Amazon / Eng JkFde
      As if gcp is heaven 😏
      Aug 19, 2019
    • Amazon 2^blah
      Lol...sw landscape changes so much that trying to fix everything is a waste of time. You have to move fast and keep staying ahead of the curve.
      Aug 19, 2019
  • Amazon


    Amazon, Microsoft
    Aws has several hidden charges. Google is more reasonable in price. I like GCP for my business. I moved my setup from Aws and saved 30% of hosting cost. GCP support is much better.
    Aug 19, 2019 1
    • Amazon / Eng TTAWSSSD
      TRATOR! I shall hunt you down
      Aug 19, 2019
  • Walmart yhlK78
    Aug 19, 2019 2
    • Amazon / Eng caVn14
      I have real bad reviews of Azure
      Aug 20, 2019
    • Walmart yhlK78
      I used aws at my 2 previous jobs and azure at this one. Azure is working just fine
      Aug 20, 2019
  • Amazon / Eng xDBx
    if you are an amateur user (few IT experience), go with LightSail, DigitalOcean or Vultr. GCE or AWS is an overkill IMHO.
    Aug 19, 2019 0


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