Google EM Interviews: are any onsite rounds ever via video conference?

New tbTO28
Aug 28, 2019 5 Comments

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I've applied for a Google EM vacancy in a foreign country and the recruiter said that I would be interviewed in the Google office closest to me in my country. AFAIK the local office is more marketing focused so I doubt there are any engineering teams located there. Is it likely that all my onsite interview rounds would be via video conference? I'm nervous that that would add another layer of difficulty especially for whiteboard coding and system design rounds.

Has anyone experienced this or know if this does happen?


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Fox Broadcasting totalrando
    I flew to MV from LA for my onsite and had 2 video conference interviews out of 5.
    Sep 3, 2019 4
    • New tbTO28
      Okay thanks. Hope it went well and you got an offer!
      Sep 3, 2019
    • Fox Broadcasting totalrando
      6 days since the onsite and no word back yet. Still crossing fingers toes and tongue.
      Sep 3, 2019


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