Google EM system design hiring bar

New o000oO
Jan 19 22 Comments

Is the bar for engineering manager system design same as the IC bar? Interviewing for L5/6 right now but not confident that I can clear a Google staff swe system design bar.


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  • I would say it’s higher than a SWE level. Reason is: in addition to being detailed, you need to be very articulate too, and presentation has to be perfect
    Jan 19 0
  • Microsoft 10c5292v
    I started the process with Google but when the recruiter said it was a 4 month process I backed out. Do people really put up with that?
    Jan 19 13
    • Google Drunk 🥴
      I don’t think you make any sense. Probably because you are dumb lol.
      Jan 20
    • Microsoft 10c5292v
      Ahh, let me see if can use smaller words for you next time
      Jan 21
  • Microsoft 👋 was 🥰
    I found it much easier than FB. I cleared google HC , but I failed FB - for system design
    Jan 19 3
    • Microsoft teph
      Which level were you at M and which level did you go to in F? Also, how’s F’s wlb for you compared to M?
      Jan 19
    • Microsoft 👋 was 🥰
      I don’t know - I failed FB. I am 67 I got L6 and at fb I was targeted for E6 I believe.
      Jan 20
  • Dell LUHV04
    Same as a senior SWE
    The interviewer interviewing you would most likely be a SWE and would grade you at same level as he/she would a SWE
    Jan 19 2
    • New o000oO
      So an L6 EM needs to clear the bar of a Staff swe?
      Jan 19
    • Dell LUHV04
      Don’t know what level staff falls at

      You get lot of very in-depth questions on design and components
      Something that you can’t learn with a resource like grokking etc.
      Jan 19


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