Google L3 -> L4 TC bump?

Oct 31, 2019 2 Comments

I’m at 1y as L3 (~4YOE total) at Google.
Non-premium market, current numbers are:
Base: $115k
GSUs: ~26/year (106/4y) = $32760 (current)
Bonus target: 15% = $17250
TC: $165k

Ratings so far are CME (Noogler), EE (current)

Would probably be looking to go for promo next cycle. Am trying to prospect how my comp would change vs accepting offers at other companies. Obviously there are tools like and go/paydata that have general info per level, but it doesnt differentiate between L3 -> L4 vs hire at L4.

Also wondering if I should expect any adjustment at EOY from EE rating, or if thats more of a SEE thing?


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  • Snapchat 🐨 koala
    Base will bump to 130-140, bonus target won't change. You are going to start receiving refreshes after a year and that's quite sizable if you get superb. So I'd say it's a good bump before you look elsewhere
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  • Verizon Media Igpay
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