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Sea bzyl77
Jul 4, 2019 13 Comments

Not sure if it is because of bad timing or other reasons, Google NYC teams currently has almost no headcount, especially for L3/L4. It is very probable that there are a huge number of candidates with positive interview results waiting to match a team just like me. I had two match calls in my first week of team matching but the hiring managers went with someone with more relevant experience. I think a lot of HMs are picky right now as they can choose 1 candidate out of a few hundred.
I had to choose another expiring offer and wait for Google team match, as I am a new immigrant. Luckily the interview results are good for 1 year and I can wait for it while working.
My question is, with the new expansion plan in NYC (, it is unlikely that Google will stop hiring in NYC. So when will Google likely have more headcounts in NYC? September when intern season finish? Early next year when they set new headcount? Or when they move into the new buildings, which will happen soon (anyone from Google NYC can shed light on when this will happen)?


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  • Alibaba Group vXQh35
    It’s not only in NYC. MTV, Zurich and other places as well.

    1) for L3 = school graduation, many new hires just graduated.
    2) H1B, October will be the start date. Many teams picked a H1B candidate and is basically waiting.
    3) recession (?) a few blind fellows mentioned it. Not sure tho.
    Jul 4, 2019 7
    • New qeerty
      What would be the best time to apply in your opinion? I think recent graduates is a factor
      Jul 4, 2019
    • Alibaba Group vXQh35
      I don’t believe that’s a “best” time.

      Google interview takes time, and by default it’s long.

      Just start it ASAP and do your best :-)
      Jul 4, 2019
    • Sea bzyl77
      Oh you are in Alibaba north America? Just curious, do they have "voluntary agreement (aka 996)" in NA office?

      The thing is doing the best is not good enough. It depends on a lot of other factors like timing and luck. I rejected a Google offer for a much worse offer before and passed Google interviews this time but cannot have an offer due to low headcount. That kind of sucks.
      Jul 4, 2019
    • Two Sigma DMrE63
      Why'd you turn down Google for a much worse offer last time?
      Jul 5, 2019
    • Sea bzyl77
      The company is the reason that my education is funded so it is morally correct to take their offer although it is much worse financially. Also the experience and exposure of working at a startup (we managed to take it public) is invaluable compared to big companies.
      Jul 6, 2019
  • Facebook untoy
    GCP is a blackhole sucking up most of Google ad money. The glory days of G are in the past.
    Jul 4, 2019 0
  • Amazon bgoc01
    GCP is burning money. They had a bad Q1 result, Q2 isn’t likely going to be any better.
    Jul 4, 2019 0
  • Wayfair olYP50
    And thier interview process is so long. Us high level people don't want to wait 3 months. We want to cut the cord to our employer and give notice and be done.
    Jul 4, 2019 0
  • Amazon / Eng Scsjiixxjw
    Same feeling here. I regret didn’t start interview several months back. Now, there’s no headcount in MTV or Seattle.
    Aug 13, 2019 1
    • Goldman Sachs RustyClock
      Or NY.
      What exactly did your recruiter tell you? Did she give you ANY estimate? Or does it just seem like a dead end?
      Aug 13, 2019


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