Google Senior Data Engineer offer, what to expect

Mar 14, 2018 18 Comments

I am IC4 at Apple, 8yrs work ex with last 3.5 at Apple. Current TC is 270k. What offer should I expect from Google? Also should I expect to get T4 as a Data Engineer?


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  • Yelp / Eng bbbbbbbbb’
    I guess you are borderline T5. Make sure not to mention your current level since G usually down levels.
    Mar 14, 2018 6
    • Apple pUDT48
      Was too lazy to interview with any other company. Might have to negotiate the heck out of this one
      Mar 14, 2018
    • Yelp / Eng bbbbbbbbb’
      Well G rarely has a deadline. At this point maybe you’ll be able to pick up another company very quick. They are all willing to expedite processes when you have an offer.
      Mar 14, 2018
  • Autodesk -__007__-
    Hey OP, can you share how was the interview at G for DE ? Is it 2 sql then leetcode med and system design like swe's or different?
    Apr 13, 2018 1
    • Expedia Googlian
      How is the difficulty of SQL? I have an interview for Analyst role soom
      Apr 13, 2018
  • Apple Ko23!:&uy
    Hi OP,
    I know this is an old thread, but do you mind sharing how do you land up interviewing for data engineer roles at Google ? Referral ? Any tips would help
    Oct 26, 2018 0
  • Amazon Dreamie
    Have you already got the offer from Google?
    Mar 15, 2018 0
  • Apple OzsU76
    How much is your base at Apple?
    Mar 14, 2018 2
    • Apple pUDT48
      Mar 14, 2018
    • New Hjsjsj
      Ur TC is 270k n base is 170k.. does that mean Apple give 400k rsu vesting 4 years ? Or is it includes yearly bonus or other refreshes?
      Mar 15, 2018
  • Your comp is low
    Mar 14, 2018 2
    • Apple pUDT48
      Does not help with the answer :)
      Mar 14, 2018
    • Everything matters dear nerd. You’re ITC4 on the middle to low band.

      L3-4 G.
      L3-4 Uber
      L4 FB
      no offer from Netflix
      Mar 15, 2018
  • Facebook dggfcj
    Please share the job link
    Apr 13, 2018 0


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