Google Sunnyvale vs Redwood city

Dec 9, 2019 14 Comments

If given an option between these 2 offices, which one would you recommend? I am new to bay area. Not worried about school district. I am ok with suburb lifestyle.

Would the office culture, perks and opportunities widely vary between these offices? Would the rent or commute be better in one compared to other?



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  • Google harro
    You won't be given a choice. Different teams work in the two locations. If you work on Cloud you'll be in Sunnyvale; RWC is mostly Area 120, marketing, and facilities folks.
    Dec 9, 2019 4
    • Google harro
      There's not enough difference between RWC and Sunnyvale, either as offices or towns, to care. Pick the team that sounds interesting. (Note that if you pick an A120 team there's a good chance you'll be looking for a new team in 6-9 months, which very likely means you end up moving to MTV/SVL anyway.)

      Both RWC and SVL are sort-of transit accessible, especially if you have a bike, so if you choose to live anywhere along the Caltrain corridor the commute will be tolerable.

      RWC is probably a bit cheaper to live in, but not dramatically so.
      Dec 13, 2019
    • Google harro
      amnotblind: Area 120 is Google's fake-startup incubator: you can come up with a stupid idea, get paid regular Google salary to work like a dog on that stupid idea for two or three quarters until everyone realizes it's dumb and cancels it, and then go back to a real job. I guess it's meant to keep people from quitting for startups for real.
      Dec 13, 2019
  • AT&T MsdR32
    Sunnyvale office let's you live around San Jose, santa Clara, even Milpitas with a pretty shorty commute. These areas are significantly cheaper than by RWC.

    From a financial perspective, Sunnyvale is generally better (but there are surprise deals around everywhere on occasion).
    Dec 9, 2019 3
    • Google harro
      Sunnyvale is the place where a house sold for $750k-over-asking not that long ago. I wouldn't call it affordable.

      If you want to save money on rent, go live in San Jose (still not cheap, but at least vaguely approaching sane).
      Dec 13, 2019
    • AT&T MsdR32
      Yes, Sunnyvale isn't cheap but it's closer to San Jose than Palo Alto. You don't want to commute San Jose to Palo Alto, but San Jose to Sunnyvale is ok.
      Dec 13, 2019
  • LinkedIn fizzwater
    I hear Sunnyvale has the best food
    Dec 9, 2019 2
    • Google EzGx25
      Dec 9, 2019
    • American Express gandalf$$
      I had a Google interview today in Sunnyvale. The food at Uber was better than Sunnyvale.
      Dec 9, 2019
  • Oracle vAPF84
    If you have a choice and both teams are good chose RWC if you want to live in the city, commuting from RWC to SF is much easier the Palo Alto to Sunnyvale 101 portion there is always insane amount of traffice
    Dec 9, 2019 1
    • Amazon hsush
      What are some good areas to look for housing near RWC? I prefer living in a SFH than a condo/ apt.
      Dec 9, 2019


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