Google failed me, but hey there’s still Facebook

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Recently had an onsite with Google for a PM role. Made it to HC for HC only to ask for follow ups. Did the follow ups, and it wasn’t good enough to pass through. Shocked beyond belief, have to say I felt very ready. Did 100+ mocks, but I will say that I learned there’s more luck to it than I thought. Getting the right interviewer on the right day can really make a difference. If you’re in my position or ever are, don’t feel down. It happens to the best of us, no matter how prepared we feel. Anyways, have Facebook next Friday and was looking for tips on execution (mostly the metrics side of it) and people to practice with. If any current FB PM’s have advice I’m all ears. The blind community has been helpful thus far so though I was disheartened about Google, gotta just keep on going. It’ll be my first official PM role, so if anyone has recommendations outside of FB I’m happy to listen. Just exited a startup as a founder so unfortunately no TC.


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  • Most folks at google are overachievers but insecure and cracking some randomly difficult process makes them feel better...once you get in it feels like ego goes up a notch...nothing wrong with it just that it's a bubble that FAANG employees are living in...
    Jan 9 4
    • Joining Google in 2005 would be very rewarding vs joining it now unless you are looking to coast, get branding
      Jan 9
    • OP
      Personally I think it makes sense to have people talk about it/white board it out. Being a PM means you’ve got to be a good leader and I feel like with that comes convincing people/presentation skills. I don’t think there’s a perfect way to evaluate people. This is the style and we’ve got to adapt.
      Jan 9
  • Facebook solidmeh
    PM interviews are rather arbitrary and unnecessarily difficult. Don’t give up, just go somewhere else and try again later.
    Jan 10 1
    • OP
      Thanks for the words! Do you have any Facebook specific advice? Really just trying to come up with a good approach to handling metrics questions. Feel good with root cause and trade-off questions.
      Jan 10
  • Startup successful exit or abandoned? If successful exit how much $$$ did you get
    Jan 9 3
    • Was just curious, I’m very interested in entrepreneurship myself.

      That’s awesome, so your someone who makes shit happen. Do you plan on starting another business anytime soon?
      Jan 9
    • OP
      I do have a few ideas I’d love to work on, but for right now I want to get some experience working on mature products. I’ve built two products from the ground up, but managing a product with millions or billions of users is very different. I’m still young (27), so I’ve got time to explore entrepreneurship a few years down the road.
      Jan 9
  • New / Product ACwL10
    I'm in a very similar situation, startup founder transitioning to PM. What kind of mocks did you do?
    Jan 9 3
    • Tableau EdwD08
      Where did you do mocks
      Jan 9
    • OP
      Not sure what you mean by where. Did them over hangouts with partners I found on slack or online elsewhere.
      Jan 9
  • I had similar experience with Google .practiced 30 mocks on onsite day felt like I cracked .. however learnt it was not good enough... ultimately Google is just another company...I think I realized I was just following the trap of going to top schools , getting high standardized test score and assuming that top companies is the way to go....
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