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I interviewed with Google on 2nd of December for software engineer position.

YOE: 5+ years as full stack developer. Java and JavaScript primary languages.
Position considered: L4/L3
Current TC (in Indian rupees): 2.2M fixed + 200K(cash bonus) + 800K(stocks)

I was able to get feedback from the recruiter really quickly (overall leaning positive). It was as follows:

4 coding rounds.
1. Hard DP(solved) + medium greedy(unsolved): verdict - negative.
a) Hard Array: interviewer asked me if I've already seen this problem, I accepted that I have seen this problem sometime back, he still asked the approach which I told.
b). Hard graph: told a straight forward suboptimal approach, struggled a lot to getting the right approach, interviewer hinted that while speaking my thoughts I said something but diverted in different direction, I quickly got the hint and solved and coded the solution.
Verdict: borderline

3. This went really well, one question but 2 parts, first was really easy and straight forward, 2nd was also medium which I solved using Treemap, interviewer asked to improve complexity, I noticed that input is sorted and I'm solving it for unsorted input, realising quickly I coded the solution. Verdict: borderline

4. 2 questions asked, 1st medium(array/dp, solved), 2nd (hard, had 2 parts, bfs and binary search) solved and coded flawlessly.
Verdict: strong positive

Because of unavailability during Xmas/new year holidays the call didn't happen that time. I got a chance to talk with 2 managers, 1 from GCP team but his feedback was that he wanted a little bit more experience (data engineering/big data).
Other was from corporate engineering team and the call went extremely well, but due to mixed feedback in coding rounds I'm not through.
Recruiter has asked me to wait for team matching and a good feedback from manager then he will forward it to HC.

Location: India

Is there any chance this can get through?

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  • Oracle / Eng vAPF84
    It depends on how bad your bad interviews were and how good your good interviews were. I had a similar performance the first time at Google and my recruiter didnt even take it to hc.

    Also was talking to my recruiter about team matching before hc and she said team matching changes hc outcome very rarely.
    Jan 13 5
    • New / Eng LeetGuy
      Agree to what OP says. @Oracle you probably had multiple strong hires from your interviews, so you didn't need the extra push from a Hiring Manager to convince HC. Congratulations!
      Jan 13
    • Oracle / Eng vAPF84
      I am not disputing that you went through this but I talked to my friends at google and my own experiences too. Unless you have highly relevant experience for the team you matched with team match is unlikely to change the outcome, which makes a lot of sense if you think from googles point of vire
      Jan 13
  • New / Eng LeetGuy
    Are the verdicts your assumption or what the recruiter told you? All the best!
    Jan 13 9
    • New / Eng LeetGuy
      Blind works on the basis of "give information to get information"

      The rule here is to reveal your current / offer compensation and years of exp in the post, thus giving us information, and then people will assist you.
      Jan 13
    • New lallu1
      I hope it works in Indian currency.
      Jan 13
  • Microsoft regstrtn
    TC is your current TC or this is what Google is offering?
    Jan 13 1
  • Any news?
    Jan 16 0


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