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Hello people,
Gave my Google interviews by November last week. Felt like I did 4/5 interviews well ( 1 went really well, 2 went well, had multiple followups, 1 behavioral also went great ). The last one was not a complete disaster. Wasn't able to complete code for the solution. After the interviews, got this feedback from the recruiter in couple of days,

"Congrats, you're done with your onsite interview with Google! Happy to hear that the experience overall was positive!

I don't have the full feedback in just yet but from the feedback we have already, we are going to be moving forward so great job! You did well in your interview :) Next step is hiring committee which likely will be early next week given the holidays.

Any updates on your end - expecting any other offers or deadlines to be aware of?"

After the HC review, recruiter came back with a No. Tried asking for more feedback ! But all I got was there was some inconsistency in the feedback. Pretty disappointed !

I'll definitely try again next year. But I have few questions for Googlers here,

Please share some things that I should keep in mind before my next onsite interviews. Of course, it's going to be generic as you might not know what I excel at/what I need to work on etc. But please share your thoughts on people whom you see are getting hired and what do you think stood out for them ? What are some possible things that could've happened during the HC review ? Some common rejection reasons after HC. I got a pretty good feeling after the interviews and when I see rejection, it's frustrating as there is no actionable feedback.

I got offers from Twitter ( SWE II), Lyft (T4) , Dropbox( SDE II) and Oracle Cloud ( IC3 ). Unfortunately won't be able join any because of some personal issue for the next 3 months. But honestly I gave other interviews purely for getting competing offers for Google. Was aiming for an L4 role.

Role - SDE II
Experience - 5 years
TC: 185k

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  • Facebook uencownwd
    Take Lyft offer a few months out. Explain your situation to the recruiter
    Jan 6 4
    • Apple YuDw51
      This. Please don’t give up on a job you like and have a comfort zone with good prospects for such a subjective thing.
      Jan 6
    • OP, due to circumstances change, if you want to join lyft, you can send nice email to them saying you want to join. even after declining usually offer valid for 6 months without re-interview. One of my friend did this.
      Jan 7
  • Netflix kxPX11
    Same thing happened to me. I had really good interviews, but got a No from the HC with no feedback, like my time was worth nothing to them. Really upsetting... But it got me to a better place and I'm super happy now :)
    Jan 6 4
  • Amazon Stonks📈
    Sorry to hear that.
    Out of curiosity How many coding questions did you solve each round
    Jan 6 1
    • Amazon / Eng qhCn03
      Solved 2 questions each in two rounds. 1 in 1 round with a follow up. 1 round - Didn't have time to complete the code. And the other round was behavioral.
      Jan 10
  • Apple qqqwwwk
    Did you do host matching then HC, or straight to HC?
    Jan 6 1
    • Amazon / Eng qhCn03
      Straight HC. Recruiter told the feedback was good enough for HC ! I actually had stellar referrals as well. So honestly not sure if that 1 round where I didn't complete coding screwed up the entire result. Have heard that those things are common !
      Jan 10
  • It’s interesting that they didn’t give L3 offer
    Jan 6 0


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