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I am sharing my onsite interview impressions.
This was a few months back in Kirkland, WA. I had an opportunity to choose between Seattle and Kirkland, and perhaps this was my mistake. I know nothing about Seattle office.

1st interview. My interviewer is the guy with 3yoe and it is his first job from college.
2nd interview. Two asian guys who were recently promoted to mids are enjoying themselves by asking tough puzzlelike questions.

lunchtime. I had opportunity to go through two large canteens on google campus around 12-30pm and see hundreds of people working there. Most of the faces look like they are right from college; you won't be able to tell this place from college campus if not for Google signs.
There are people in 40s and 50s, they are maybe 3% or 5% of all folks. You can see them on college campus too.
I did my masters on 40+K students college campus, so I know what I am talking about.
btw compared to some other places (like Facebook, for example) food isnt good here - portions are tiny and there is nothing fancy, just pizza and tacos stuff. I had to have another lunch when I came home.

3rd interview. Very young looking east european girl.

4th interview. This was by far the best of all interviews. Young guy, all covered in tatoos from top to bottom, is asking a design question about how to find smiling faces on user loaded photos, and how to estimate false positive and negative rates. I am trying my best to answer, although it is damn machine learning question! In the meanwhile, the guy looks glum, something is definitely going on with him.
About 25 minutes into the interview, he reads me another design question. Dang, I was almost there answering the first one :)

5th interview. They guy from Microsoft with 10+ yoe.

so, in all, my Google interviewers were 2 juniors, 3 fresh mids (sort of), and one senior.
The questions are coming from common Googgle interview question bank, and the questions were good. I enjoyed the questions. However, not all interviewers
can even navigate the bank properly.

OVERALL IMPRESSION. Behind flashy name, there are 3000+ college grads in Kirkland, who are hauling the piano. For most, this is their first job from college.

I think they were all lowballed on Google name during negotiations and then made work 16+ hours.

Although, this is not something they will ever admit.



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  • Stripe CRzk22
    You’ll change your tune if you get an offer.
    Jan 6 3
    • So you will reject an offer if you get one?
      Jan 6
    • Oracle that~guy
      among other things, it depends on a number. I agree, there may be numbers that let me reconsider. I am not talking about Google, just in general.
      Can you explain what is special about Google "offer"? It is not highest in industry, especially since they cut offers by ~1/3 mid-2019. My friends were surprised by low google offers. Great place to work? I doubt it, I heard a lot about long work day. The opportunity to work on big things? You have it in many other places. The perks maybe? You name it.
      Jan 6
  • Northrop Grumman wiz🧙🏻‍♂️
    Where is the google question bank? And how does it compare to LC?
    Jan 6 3
    • Indeed fGVu77
      Yes OP pls share I haven't seen this before.
      Jan 6
    • Oracle that~guy
      lol big companies, like Amazon, have internal question banks .. they are not really meant for you, external guys, to practice. sorry
      Jan 6
  • Dell / Eng coolcoder8
    What questions were asked ? How is it comparable to Leetcode?
    Jan 6 3
    • Dell / Eng coolcoder8
      How many LC you solved before giving interview?
      Jan 6
    • Oracle that~guy
      well, here is the truth:

      no matter how many you solved, you are only going to pass a fraction of interviews. Perhaps, 1/10 of interviews. That is, if you know your shit. If you dont, it is like 1/50 or 1/100.
      I have a friend who solved all of leetcode, and he still had difficult times looking for new job. He did finally get into very good position, but the experience was stressful.

      I encourage you to think deeper, why those leetcode hards exist in the first place? think why they make you jump those hoops.
      There are many jobs and few engineers. To suppress wages, you need artificial bars. If they fail you 10 times, you agree to work for peanunts on 11th try.
      Jan 6
  • Salesforce patroanus
    Jan 6 0
  • Google iiihn
    The amount of salt in this post is enough to raise blood pressure
    Jan 12 0
  • Amazon Jeb fezos
    Can you share google question bank , if you have it ?
    Jan 6 3
    • Amazon Jeb fezos
      I am asking for question bank so that I can raise hiring bar at amazon 🤣
      Jan 6
    • Cognizant / Eng

      Cognizant Eng

      you're my bio
      That's the Jeb we all know and love
      Jan 6
  • Google LzJb80
    I work in the Kirkland office, this office actually has a higher average age than MTV since we now discourage fresh grads from starting here. Most workers are hired from Microsoft or Amazon. Also I don’t think anyone is working 16 haha
    Jan 6 1
    • Amazon / Eng oppi!
      Any thoughts on growth potential for new grads starting in Seattle/Kirkland? Liked Seattle much more than bay area, but I’m curious as to what effects starting here may have on my career (will be a new hire starting later this year).
      Jan 6
  • wjYH53
    Which role?
    Jan 6 0
  • Google LgeA07
    The folks at Kirkland are older because they appreciate the suburbs more. Not stepping over human waste every morning and having decent parking is really nice. It’s the same work anyway.

    Maybe when you’re young it’s fun to live and work in Seattle, but as you get older it’s less fun and just seems seedy and dirty.

    Also the food portions are small but you are welcome to go back and get more.
    Jan 6 0


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