Google offer vs staying in snowflake

Jan 13 39 Comments

joined snowflake a year ago. Got stocks after final round of fund raising (strike price around 8) 20k options per year.
Tc at snowflake 360k (200kbase /20k options per year )

got google L6 offer TC 470k (base 200/ 210k stock/60k bonus)

given snowflake is going for IPO/aquisition is it a nice idea to move at this point of time.

yoe: 15


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  • Amazon zboubby
    Blind is obsessed with google. It’s non sensical.
    Jan 13 1
    • AT&T MsdR32
      Op has 110k reasons to say it's totally sensical...
      Jan 13
  • Snowflake- it will go IPO for sure
    Jan 13 0
  • Microsoft / Product CloudSmith
    L6 at Google for sure. Unless you're part of the leadership team at Snowflake
    Jan 13 4
    • Google goooooooo
      Uber and Snowflake are two very different business. Snowflake has good unit economics given it’s in high gross margin saas business. Uber is very different. In some cases, each ride the company loses money
      Jan 19
    • Google goooooooo
      Cloud era is 2017 and it’s 2020 my MSFT friend
      Jan 19
  • Personally - as someone who evaluates products every day per my role, I see a diminishing future for Snowflake.

    Right now it’s doing really good but, Amazon Redshift is going to capture the market that it lost to Snowflake. There’s Databricks Deltalake as well that’s competing in the same area and is gaining ground pretty fast.

    Long term, I wouldn’t stay with Snowflake.
    Jan 13 6
    • AWS Redshift’s biggest issue is unable to separate storage and compute. With the latest release of ra3 instances, they partly solved it - but the cost is still the same as it’s a database(2x performance for same price).

      But, snowflake has the cost issue figured out bcoz they use s3 in the backend and they are able to pay less and pass on the savings to customers. It’s a transactional layer on top of object store and micro batching.

      Deltalake is also the same thing as snowflake but, it’s on steroids bcoz of Apache Spark as the compute/data processing engine - Databricks Spark is 20x faster when compared to open source.

      Snowflake/Hudi work efficiently when the data is laid out in a certain fashion while Delta works at 80% efficiency for all data layouts.

      Spark is already the standard for data processing/preparation in Big data world- now with Delta, you get to keep all data on object store and still make it work like a transactional DB. It’s true storage compute separation, with different formats for different workloads - avro for ingestion, parquet for analytics. Elastically scale the compute on k8s and it’s the perfect recipe for both streaming and batch workloads.

      For some truly massive OLAP usecases, customers might stay with Redshift irrespective of the price. But, IMHO, as an architect, I would love to have one storage layer across the board for all use cases(just the data format differs per use case). This makes my life easier in terms of simplified architecture and easier maintenance of the platform and, cost savings.
      Jan 28
    • Snowflake Computing lfFS78
      Databricks is gaining share and Delta Lake is indeed great but you’re mistaken if you think we won’t jump on the wagon of Spark-powered processing at some point. Right now customers are throwing money of us for DW and the rest we’re building on top of this strong offering. We’re stealing Redshift and Terradata customers left and right, I don’t think this is going to change anytime soon..
      Feb 9
  • AT&T / Eng

    AT&T Eng

    New Grad. Always Looking for a New Opportunity
    How do you like snowflake?
    Jan 13 2
    • Snowflake Computing snownorth
      Work culture is good. Not too much pressure. Easy going manager. Work wise not too interesting as this is not my area of expertise.
      Jan 13
    • Northrop Grumman HowCouldYo
      Can I get a referral to snowflake?
      Jan 22
  • Google yobloop
    How much do you have vested already?
    Jan 13 0
  • Alteryx urosb94765
    Is the Snowflake stock ISOs or RSUs?
    If RSUs, I'd wait until fully vested then jump. I can't imagine your IPO not crushing, unless something macro happens and takes the market with it.
    Jan 13 0
  • Snowflake Computing sykE44
    That’s a ton of options. People are talking about ipo in the range of $60-80. You would be crazy to leave that.
    Jan 27 1
    • Snowflake Computing lfFS78
      Yeah I agree, I got so much less and the strike price for me is insanely high too..
      Jan 27
  • SS&C Agree
    Jan 13 1
  • Autolist jsB6k0
    Google. Better tc and branding.
    Jan 13 0


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