Google recruiting for account manager

Bell it9450
Jan 16 8 Comments

Did on-site and got the feedback from recruiter that I didn't get the role but got highly positive feedback from all panel interviewers and they thought I was a fit for Google. Any idea what happens now? Do I bug her for other roles...


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Intuit DoRag
    Probably down level. Same thing happened to me about a year ago
    Jan 16 6
    • Bell it9450
      Got it. So will they reach out or should I proactively message.
      Jan 17
    • New / Ops TheTechRec
      I would let them reach out, unless you know for sure that is the reason. I was just explaining what downleveling was though.
      Jan 17
  • Expedia Group 01010100
    That was the exact thing my recruiter told me last week. I guess it means we still have a shot?
    Jan 16 0


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