Google vs Uber

Jan 16 20 Comments

I got offers from Uber and Google and i know it should be a no brainer but I am still leaning towards team in Uber.
My manager at Uber was great the team is okayish but I had such a great vibe with my manager that I am thinking of choosing it over google. Am i being stupid.

Other factors
Google is in Sunnyvale, Uber is in SF so Uber is preferrable
My team at Google has a lot of PhDs who I could learn a lot from but also wonder if I can make an impact when L6 engineers who have PhD and have been at google for 12 years will give me a chance for an impact
I got the vibe that the L7 manager at Google was a bit intense and promo is 2-2.5 years to L4 during that time I could easily be promoted once and close to second promo at Uber.
Uber is paying me less tol but I think in the future it would be easier to transfer at Uber and create systems that have impact where as at Google all great systems have already been done.


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  • Stay away from Uber. Thank me later.
    Jan 17 0
  • Worked in both, do not go to Uber, it’s not comparable with Google at all. You will not grow well
    Jan 16 0
  • Uber yearOne
    Lol stay at Google. You are welcome.
    Jan 16 3
    • Uber mr.doge
      yearOne is being a hater LOL. Not all teams at Uber suck. If you like it, join. Ask the manager to do a meet and greet before you join of you're concerned.
      Jan 16
    • Uber yearOne I am trying to help a budding engineer instead of brainwashing him to join a company full of rampant politics and substandard engineering systems.

      VAPF84 go to google and build solid fundamentals. If you do well you can make it to L4 in 18 months. You can make it to L4 at Uber in 12 months and then still get L3 offers everywhere else. We have really young managers who are great at selling but are terrible managers who get insecure if you start doing too well. Plus you rarely build anything that’s not an MVP so there isn’t much engineering depth. PMs control every single product feature so you pretty much have no say in what gets built. On top of that we are guinea pigs who our hr head uses to experiment different appraisal methods that she comes up with every 6 months.
      The positives are just speed (which help PMs and EMs but overworks ICs) and a hope of our stock quadrupling (but you will need a lot of shroom-aid to buy that story).
      Jan 16
  • LinkedIn


    G, don't use brain when its no brainer
    Jan 16 0
  • Microsoft hdii65rg
    Manager and team matter the most. Go with Uber dude.
    Jan 16 0
  • Uber MoZart1
    Worked at FG before, I love my current team at Uber. Come join us!
    Jan 16 1
    • Worked at FB before too, my experience could not be any more different. Worst mistake was to leave FB for this dumpster fire
      Jan 17
  • Google humble00
    Many friends working in both, google >>> uber
    Jan 16 0
  • Microsoft teph
    Mind sharing the two offers
    Jan 16 5
    • Uber / Eng DgoQ22
      Does it include sign on? Uber usually don’t offer sign on. Also, amazon has a pretty different vesting schedule.
      Jan 16
    • Microsoft teph
      Try to get the G offer to match amazon and go there. G probably already knows you’ll come to them. But don’t optimize just go to G.
      Jan 16
  • SecurityScorecard / Data valid404
    That's literally his job mate
    Jan 16 1
    • Oracle / Eng vAPF84
      What do you mean
      Jan 16
  • Bloomberg Enig16
    Jan 16 0


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