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Mar 17, 2018 7 Comments

Since google/fb/ amzn hiring process is pretty much same for all (swe/engineering ) , how does it matter if you apply for their posting for job A/B or C ... if you have to go thru same rounds of coding interview and later you have to pick the project you want to work at. Or does the process differs based on your experience and position you are applying? Can you guide for a 12+ yr exp in IT (web, data engineering, anlytics etc.. area)


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  • Amazon Vdtjcs
    Amazon is not the same process as FB/G. Amazon you interview with the team (sometimes two teams) you will be working with. The bar is supposed to be the same regardless of team though. The other difference is that amazon doesn’t really do the leetcode interview style. It is more more focused on what you’ve done to prove yourself rather than what you’ve memorized. This obviously isn’t the best pattern for junior people but at the same time leetcode isn’t good for the senior people.
    Mar 17, 2018 4
    • Amazon Vdtjcs
      I’m not sure if I’ve drank too much to read your comment or you’ve drank too much to be coherent... welcome to amazon.

      I can agree that the questions could be “horribly” open ended and even that the majority of people interviewing others now don’t know what to actually look for in those questions.

      In the overall census of what’s asked though, a competent interviewer will be able to pick out so much from those open ended questions. All things being the same, I would rather someone on my team that was interviewed by someone who could pick out things from the open ended questions rather than by one who gave a leetcode type of question. I’ve had to work with and be the manager of both: poor development is a much more trainable thing than poor work habits.
      Mar 17, 2018
    • Amazon Vdtjcs
      @var I was actually interviewed in the same situation. It turns out that there’s really only a very small subset of orgs that are involved. By small set of orgs I mean it’s like EBS and S3, both within AWS.

      If you’re given an offer but don’t care for the org that it’s in, ask for the orgbthat you want. It’s difficult as hell to hire competent people so turning someone down because they don’t like your org is stupid. Coming from google, you won’t have the trouble of another HM being overtly cautious about bringing you on to the team with the team interviewing you (but feel free to ask to get flown out to meet the team before accepting).

      When I interviewed I had no interest in actually working at amazon. I really related and liked one of the interviewers though and it was his org that Gave me the offer. So after reviewing everything else, working on AWS sounded way more exciting than the other offers I had (plus Seattle sounded better than the Bay Area).
      Mar 17, 2018
  • They all have pre-allocated jobs to fill. If you apply for a pre-allocated job req, you are likely to interview with specific people. Otherwise, you interview with a group of people from a general pool of interviewers and choose teams later on in the on-boarding process.

    You can ask the recruiter about the position you are interviewing for, but if they are recruiting for a specific role and you prefer not to be pre-allocated, it might be hard to persuade them to help you out.
    Mar 17, 2018 0
  • Autodesk bhLo16
    Even if I apply for data engineering or similar role, should I expect coding interview /algorithms etc like swe positions or it should be mostly data related ? Thought to check on how much time I need to spend on leetcode ahead of time.
    Mar 17, 2018 0


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