Got no money advisors [Seattle]

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Hi all

I've got > $1M in investments like stock (self selected) and property (that I live(d) in). Lots of unrealized gains. My tax bill last year was shocking.

I also have an accountant that isn't helpful (does the minimum job) and I have no financial advisors or lawyers.

Looking for advice and recommendations. Advice on whether you see value in a financial advisor, and if you have recommendations for a tax or financial person.



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  • Expedia Group 564atms
    Cant reveal TC? What, are you under investigation somewhere? Or did you mean "won't"
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  • Tableau fBCz83
    Advisors can help you with a lot of questions about complex situations, but they are expensive and risk averse. Whether you need one is highly personal and situation dependent.

    Reasons to get an advisor:
    - You feel off-track for retirement and need someone else to do save/spend projection
    - You need an outside voice to help slow your (or your spouse’s) spending
    - You’re considering financial instruments you don’t understand and want coaching on like rental property or insurance

    Reasons not to get a financial advisor:
    - You want to make your own stock picks (or stock picks at all - most will steer you away from such risk)
    - You are happy with index fund performance
    - You feel your retirement is in order
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    • Indeed wings🦋
      Thanks, and as an aside thanks for the only meaningful answer
  • Google yobloop
    Why do you have a shocking tax bill on unrealized gains?
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  • Google UEWw70
    Waiting for the eventual roast on 'can't reveal my TC' 🍿
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  • T-Mobile BYfR31
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