Hair Optimization :(

Jan 13 24 Comments

Has anyone here successfully managed to hold onto their hair, despite a poor genetic disposition?

As Phoebe Waller-Bridge said (and I am only half-joking), "Hair is everything. We wish it wasn't, so we could actually think about something else occasionally."

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  • You’ll probably get results if you start with finasterade before hair loss is visible. Once it’s noticeable, the battle is lost and you should crop it short, work out, wear decent clothes,and grow some facial hair to remain as healthy-looking as possible. Obviously some guys have had good results with micro transplants, but the danger there is that you might end up with scars preventing you from shaving it if more recession occurs. I keep hoping for stem cells or something but that remains a pipe dream for now.
    Jan 13 10
    • Am thinking of getting it done through Bosley. Did you research it and any pointers will help.
      Jan 13
    • @cooper never tried that. I worry with many things that the look might not be 100% natural. Sometimes people detect an unnatural look even if they can’t explicitly figure out what’s off. I do occasionally use shake-on fiber thickeners though.

      One more thought on the dating subject. 9s and 10s are counterintuitively less appearance-sensitive than 8 and below. If you are balding and develop stellar game you can still date a 9-10
      Jan 14
  • Shell tNYN24
    Haha why are you mentioning your TC in a hair related question?
    Jan 13 4
    • Google / Eng WrCP42
      Haha, let me know if that ever works out.
      Jan 13
    • Shell tNYN24
      Will do!
      Jan 13
  • SmileDirectClub / Project meep meep
    Unfortunately, if you're prone to hair loss or thinning genetically, there's not much that can be done about it except doing unnatural things like plugs, hairpieces, etc. You can use Hair Club for Men or other similar products to curb the effects your genetics have, but eventually, the road always ends up at the same place; it just may take longer to get there.

    Honestly, if you're going bald, assuming you're a dude, you'll be totally fine. Vin Diesel and The Rock are doing perfectly fine without their luscious locks, it seems. If you're a woman, however, I'd recommend investing in a wig. You can get them for super cheap now, and they actually look pretty good.
    Jan 13 2
    • Google / Eng WrCP42
      Appreciate the response, but haha these 2 people are the only ones quoted as positive examples (maybe Jason Statham also). Conversely we see dozens of normal balding people everyday who would look WAY better with hair.
      Jan 13
    • Ticketmaster randomtkt
      That's because they don't own it. Don't do some bozo the clown shit. Shave it off, get some muscle and look like a bad ass.
      Jan 13
  • ServiceNow Navigate
    I have a wood comb that I run across my my scalp at night. I also put coconut oil on my hair it and try to work it in with the comb. I think it helps with brittleness and the comb stimulates the follicles. It’s greasy but I shower in the morning. Also take biotin every day.
    Jan 13 0
  • Google Borgman!
    On that quote, Bezos disagrees
    Jan 13 1
    • Google / Eng WrCP42
      Bezos disagrees *because* he's Bezos.
      Although good advice nonetheless, thanks.
      Jan 13
  • Bidgely btterchckn
    Indian here. Watch a bollywood movie (with subtitles if you do not know Hindi) - It talks about perils of hair loss and how a man came out of it. Must watch!
    Jan 14 0
  • Microsoft Kiklo
    Order caboki, you're welcome.
    Jan 13 0


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