Helping my little sister with an internship that'll hopefully lead to a job...

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My sister is an IT major (focusing on Media and Animation, but she's into analytics) and an international student , who is quite smart with a >3.6 GPA and an Honors student. She's not a coder and she's not going to a top school, but a regular state school. She does very well on campus and in her academics.
I am trying to help her with another internship. The 1st which she did over the fall wouldn't let her work 40 hour weeks, is a small company and cannot/will not sponsor, so there's no future there for her. She has 1 year to graduation. I wanted to know what advice you might have for me, especially those who can really understand the impending issue with her potentially going back to a country where there's almost no opportunity especially for a female without connections. All advice however is welcome.

Also any help will be appreciated, if you're in recruiting or a hiring manager, please let me know if I can send you her resume for review and potential interviews. She's had interviews with GS and Disney, but as you know these are competitive places, so she has to continue trying.


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  • Boeing chodia
    Im a former network engineer turned cyber security guy — IT background, little to no coding (light python here and there).

    In IT, certs are king. CCNA, A+, Sec+, whatever. Tbh they don’t teach you that much but helps you get past HR screen. See if she can get a help desk job or internship. From there she can pivot to networking, sysadmin, whatever.

    I would say the highest TC in IT is at the vendor level, such as working at Cisco, AWS, VMware, etc doing either professional services, sales, or other types of customer-facing implementation work. Fortunately, these big companies have pipelines for entry level folks to dive straight into this type of work, but they want to hire people who already know how DNS, TCP, Routing Protocols and databases work, hence the IT Helpdesk internship.

    Look up what type of new grad programs these IT vendors have. It doesn’t even have to be a huge one — fireeye has a new grad program which is probably the fastest entry into cybersec. Meraki has a great new grad program for SMB cloudmanaged networking implementation.

    Good luck to your sister and lmk if you have questions!

    Edit* new grad and internship hiring starts EARLY. She should be ready to apply by late July early august for jobs starting the next summer.
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    • Deloitte / Data Ceeker
      Thank you man. I do have questions-

      1) She's already done an IT Help Desk internship and has the AWS cert. Does Fireye and Meraki give F1 visa?
      2) Were you an international student?
      3) She's been applying but getting rejected. Have ideas? Care to see her resume?
      Jan 16
  • Ironclad / Legal ⌐(ಠ۾ಠ)¬
    Leetcode if she changes her mind to SWE. Easy to get jobs in software engineering.
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    • Deloitte / Data Ceeker
      She hates coding tho... I don't think she will
      Jan 16


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