How do I become a better software engineer than just a Leetcoder?

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I hope this post becomes a good guide for many people like myself.

Career so far: Bachelors - 2 YOE - Masters - Google L3 1 YOE.
Ideally I should be at L4 with 3 YOE. In reality, I don’t think I deserve to be at L4. I am only good at problem solving, ds, analytical abilities, and thats the reason why I was able to get into Google. I also had many other offers just because of it. However, problem solving aka Leetcoding - is just one thing. To get to the next level, to make progress in career, I want to be a better software engineer. I want to be able to build real things. I want to be in a position that one day I should be able to build a full stack distributed, efficient application end to end. I would like that day to arrive soon (5 years from now?). Even for cracking the interviews of higher levels at great companies, I need to be that good I think.
Can someone share some advice, actionable plan?


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  • Microsoft YRyw11
    Make hobby projects end to end
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  • Symantec / Eng vtWY77
    I can share some lessons after 13+ years as a SWE I have learned. First that comes to mind is how to build somthing iteratively and keep you and your team from drowning in technical debt. That lesson took the longest for me to learn. How to design a system at a high level but being adaptable in case things don't go according to plan and having other options on the table. Knowing how to reduce and prevent techinical debt and unplanned work. Soft skills are important as you have much bigger impact when you can influence others vs just sitting at your desk writing code. Getting a good grasp of the bussiness domain so you don't just end up as a coding monkey but can solve problems that are really important to the business.
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  • Intel / Eng pleb
    Why worry ? Enjoy the TC. Leet some more, bump the TC. Enjoy. Repeat.
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  • Barclaycard


    I can help you to guide how to build software. I built it in many hackathons and won prize for some of them.
    I will need your guidance for problem solving skills. I am trying hard for it.
    Please DM me if you are ready for it.
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  • Amazon dQJq51
    Come to a fast moving company
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    • Apple vaporize
      Not OP but any teams in Amazon that are fast and I dont have to work 60+ hour weeks? I know the two may sound opposite
      Jan 2
  • New / Eng lxfbcv4
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