How hard is day to day SWE work in FAANG

Jan 20 25 Comments

Do you constantly need to be using and working with complex ds and algos or is it mostly for loops and OOP concepts.


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  • New / Eng lxTJ20
    > works at apple
    > Asks how it is to work at a FAANG
    > Apple is a FAANG
    > ???
    Jan 20 3
    • New EOhh33
      Jan 20
    • Amazon thule
      >the year is 2020
      >Albertsons denialism still exists on blind
      Jan 20
  • Amazon ajdhfbevw
    I code about 10 breadth first searches an hour
    Jan 20 7
    • Amazon rLHI20
      Fucking pro I'm lucky to be working amongst such gods
      Jan 20
    • Reliable Software / Eng Ok!!
      Lol you just call bfs method of some library ten times?😂
      Jan 21
  • Amazon AWS-Engr
    I start my day with some basic array problems. Eventually there are meetings and turns out the project requires some graphs. Eventually, last minute crunch time kicks in. Turns out we needed dynamic programming, so we spend the last few hours coding that up. Eventually we finally get a finished product.
    Jan 20 4
    • Reliable Software / Eng Ok!!
      What's oj
      Jan 21
    • Amazon SlhS10
      online judge
      Jan 21
  • Apple bloopple
    I use BFS approach with my eyes to scan the best answer to my question on Stack Overflow
    Jan 20 0
  • Amazon rLHI20
    I literally trap rainwater everyday in 3d
    Jan 20 0
  • Google El Camino
    Copy/pasta coding
    Jan 20 0
  • Dynamic programming everyday
    Jan 20 2
    • Gigamon / Eng

      Gigamon Eng

      what's th is
      Is that kannada tha in your username?
      Jan 20
    • I don't know. It's a meaningless username. I copied pasted from some random website. No need to try to interpret it.
      Jan 20
  • Zoox / Eng streetfood
    No one and no place "constantly need to be using complex ds and algos". Its an initiation rite, that's all
    Jan 20 0
  • 🍺 stack. Overflow 🤤
    Jan 20 0


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