How long does it take at Google L3

Jan 21 10 Comments

My recruiter told me that HC approved my packet, also I had a team match done. I have provided a competing offer now (been two working days), how long will it take for them to formally send me an offer, the bigger question is how certain they’d offer at all?
She said it will go for exec approval.

Working on a tight timeline here, any help/insight would be highly appreciated.

Google MTV
Current TC: 185k
Competing TC: 225k
YOE: 1.5 years


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  • Credit Karma noname21
    Update: offer received
    Jan 22 3
    • Credit Karma noname21
      Jan 23
    • Google 0400
      250k stock grant at L3 is amazing! Congratulations 🥳
      Jan 23
  • Accenture


    New York
    Congrats! 🥳 May I ask where the competing offer is from?
    Jan 21 1
    • Credit Karma noname21
      Thank you! It’s from LinkedIn.
      Jan 21
  • Google 0400
    Exec approval usually takes under a week, and your offer should be ready in about 5 days from exec approval at the worst case.

    I think 2 weeks is a safe timeline to bet.
    At this point, I’d say you have your offer landed :D
    Jan 21 0
  • Amazon Stonks📈
    Grats, how were the interviewz
    Jan 21 1
    • Credit Karma noname21
      Interview difficultly was as expected. Lots of discussion at the end about how to solve the same question with additional constraints.
      Jan 21
  • Oracle agave23
    Congratulations op, sent you DM
    Jan 23 0


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