How much does Adobe offer Software Engineer New Grad?

New QmHT67
Mar 25, 2018 1 Comment

My friend has offers from Oracle Redwoord City(Machine Learning Engineer), Facebook (Software Developer, Ads team) and Adobe(eCommerce team). He has 2 yrs of experience as software developer after undergrad. He then joined Cornell University for Masters in Computer Science. At present Oracle Labs is offering him around 120k base and 150k in stocks while FB is offering him around 135k in base and 110k in stocks.

How much does Adobe pay for Software Developer New Grad position? If you have competing offers which are paying the above mentioned salaries, will Adobe be open for negotiations? If so, how much base salary can he ask Adobe? Currently if Adobe is paying less in stocks as seen by glassdoor, he is planning to ask for 145k base so that Adobe will offer 140k (If the stocks they provide are less than 100k). Is that feasible? Could you please provide the ideal pay to ask Adobe based on his current offers?


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  • Oracle arjunreddy
    How much did your friend end up getting?
    Apr 15, 2019 0