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Nov 4, 2019 58 Comments

I'm working as SDE1 in India. I've been here for almost a year, 3 months as full time and I don't really like this place much. But getting promoted to SDE2 is easier in my org. My aim is to move out of India and I'm not planning to study abroad. What's the easiest way to move out of India? Should I stick with Amazon or should I go to some other company in India? Is it possible to get an offer directly for locations outside India preferably UK or US as a new grad? I don't think I can work hard to get promoted and prepare for interviews at the same time, any help will help me align myself.


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  • RichRelevance Zodian
    Is it a common goal of Indian youth to move out of their home country through corporate sponsorship? Like were you guys fed Microsoft propaganda at an early age or something?
    Nov 4, 2019 22
    • SAP mjgatp
      That still doesn't translate to the conclusion you drew
      Nov 4, 2019
    • New XoAY48
      @stewie1 temple that you are referring to is built in 14th century
      You didn’t know anything about India. Why waste everybody’s time with hypothetical questions? Whether you like it or not, China is USA’s choice for manufacturing since 1980. India is usa’s choice for IT since 1998 or so. That’s only thing relevant to you. It’s BS to blame people who USA is USING. USA drives these ideas other countries follow whatever USA says. USA after Vietnam war concentrated on ‘soft’ power. These are result of it. USA powerful enough to move away from ‘soft’ power idea. Hard power was not option in 80s itself, it won’t work now. What next, adjust with ‘regional’ power label ? Is USA ready to take that route? It’s extremely unlikely USA will remove manufacturing investments from China and IT investments in India. USA IT job losses due to IT investment in India is nothing when compared to manufacturing job losses due to investments in China(tooth brush to computer are made in China). But IT crowed makes more noise because you are richer than average Americans. They suffered most. IT is never a big job generating field. Stop being selfish and work on getting back manufacturing if you care American people. If you care USA ‘supper power’ status, live with current troubles. It’s all UAS’s own plan. You obviously don’t know India fought hard to avoid USA investments and finely gave up in 1990s. USA at that time made it clear that globalization is must under USA leadership. I still remember large number of Indians used to oppose globalization and police fairings(India government agreed for globalization under USA leadership and forced people .) Stop blaming everyone when you don’t have any idea on your own country policies!!
      Nov 4, 2019
  • Oracle LAoh31
    İts just a population size issue man. For example, the population of Delhi alone is 4X the size of Norway's entire population. İf every Indian and Chinese recent grad leaves to go work in a first world country, itll saturate the job market of all major first world countries. That's why they make it difficult. İ say that because you seem to think there is a simple secret which if you knew, you could go anywhere.

    Education is one of the easier paths of achieving this. İ personally wouldnt recommend the US. As a non-indian who went through the whole F1 student to citizen path (which took 15 years in total) i wouldnt do it again. İ would look into europe. After my brother's north American adventure didn't get him a green card, went to Germany. He likes it much more there. İn about 3 years he's about to get the blue card. Hes much happier, likes the lifestyle more. İ spent a couple months with him, and now im trying to see how i can do something more permanent in Germany myself.

    Whatever you do, just dont fall into the traps of 2 types of dangerous people. 1) the people that have never went to or lived in a country (US, UK, Germany, etc. ) But they tell you how amazing life is there. And how easy it is. Etc. They know so much because some auntie/uncle/cousin is there so they know so. 2) the people that live there and tell you all rosy stories about how amazing life is in the US/UK/Germany and brag and tell you how lucky they are and how one day you should try it too.

    Everywhere has its pros and cons. EVERYWHERE. So dont ask them how life is, so they can tell you how amazing it is. Ask them about the hardest part, the discrimination, how integrated they feel, how many local friends they have, how long the whole process took, what their limitations were to travel and change jobs during that time, how many weddings and funerals they missed at home, how much time, money, effort and emotions they spent throughout the whole process, how long it will take for them to own their own house in the city they live in and compare that house to what you live in in India. Etc. Etc.

    İf you find a place that gives you PR or citizenship in 5 years, without a difficult and draining process and with a strong passport to which you can go anywhere without a visa, and live in a city where your salary allows you to own your own decently nice house/apartment in 5-10 years. Let me know. İll pay you 100,000 USD for the tip.

    Hope that helps.
    Nov 4, 2019 17
    • Quora WalU80
      I am sorry that my words describing a fact hurt your heart. I am sorry that I should avoid something but only a good aspect that make you feel pround. Never mind. If we cannot face the fact, then third world forever. And those posts would never go end. Enjoy it and keep pround. At least it is not my business.
      Nov 5, 2019
    • New XoAY48
      @Quora again your jumping all over. You are not doing any meaningful discussion. With every new comment you open another irrelevant comment. I still wonder how you managed to get in quora. You have very poor ability to be part of meaningful discussion. Stic to one topic, we will have better discussion
      Nov 6, 2019
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    • Amazon Sde2Amazo
      Then goto Nepal, u don’t need visa
      Nov 4, 2019
    • Tableau krxi15
      Or a boat to sri lanka.
      Nov 4, 2019
  • Amazon / Eng jQvdP
    Easy way is to get on to a merchant ship. Throw your passport. Get caught by the foreign border patrol. Appeal refugee status. You get PR in a year just like so many trespassers in the US.

    The hard way is to prepare for GRE and TOEFL. Apply to universities. Score between 3.5 and 4.0, and at least one internship. Leetcode more. Get a full-time job. Apply for eb3 or eb2 perm and wait in line for 150 years. Stay employed. Stay in your specialized field so there are less issues renewing your H1B every three years for next 150 years. While you do so much of this, have a healthier life so you can make it to another 150 years. Good luck.
    Nov 4, 2019 0
  • See that’s the problem.. most Indians feel it’s a bed of 🌹 here in us uk etc.

    Because of ur desperation people are ready to come to onsite at bare minimum Lca salary of 70-80k and once they land here they realize life is totally different and you have to do everything followed by 100+year wait for gc and then they start crying and sulk...

    Check blind and you will see so many desi people cribbing that how American immigration system is broken and how they deserve gc like tomorrow... they then start posting about Canadian pr etc in hopes of going to Canada..

    If your goal is just the same then you are welcome to this huge train of migrants and enjoy the ride..

    But don’t come and crib in 6 months when life starts throwing 🍋 at you..
    Nov 4, 2019 4
    • SAP mjgatp
      @ki, precisely. People don't know ground realities, have barely any experience in their current jobs, don't want to put in the necessary effort, but want results.
      **Disclaimer: please don't take inputs from Bollywood. Bollywood is NOT reality.
      Nov 4, 2019
    • True.. in 2005 when I was in India I thought life in 🇺🇸 was like the Saif movie Salaam Namaste where everyone is partying at beach and life is so much fun.. 11 years laters in this country and with all the uncertainty around I think it’s more like dangal then salaam namaste..

      But I know what I signed up for so enjoying everyday as it is and not really hoping for anything great.. but at the same time thankful for this opportunity..
      Nov 4, 2019
  • Microsoft mhfhhdjs
    Stick to Amazon . Amazon offers easy relocation to move outside India.
    Nov 4, 2019 0
  • Google TheCoaster
    Why so many Indians want to leave but also many of them want to move back??
    Nov 4, 2019 1
    • Lyft hurrayy
      Grass is always greener on the other side
      Nov 4, 2019
  • New / Manufacturing Medtronic
    If it was easy, then nobody would come here to slog for Masters, every graduate program in the US would shutdown, and every Indian would apply for FAANGS in India. Its funny how people who are cribbing here for 150 year wait wont go back even after waiting 15 years for a GC. Canada is like 1/10 of USA. If you dont believe me then take a walk through Silicon Valley, Canadians come there to work.
    Your best option is Masters. Biggest risk in life is not taking any risk.
    Nov 4, 2019 1
    • Microsoft distributed
      It is actually pretty easy to move to US as SDE2 in Amazon. Op does not want to wait for 2 years.
      Nov 4, 2019
  • Microsoft distributed
    Google hires L3/L4 for its European offices directly from India.
    Nov 4, 2019 0
  • New booba
    I used to work for an agency in India. We worked on a product for a US company. After working for 2 years, I quit the agency, but I got hired by the US company directly due to my work.

    So I would suggest the best way is to work your way up and get noticed, it opens up a lot of opportunities
    Nov 4, 2019 0


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