How to stall for more time while waiting for results

Jan 14 4 Comments

Hi all! A bit of background. I’m going to be graduating this semester, so I am looking for full-time offers with respect to hardware engineering.

I had an interview with Microsoft last week and I let them know that I had a deadline of January 15th (tomorrow). However, I have not heard back yet and I have already pushed this deadline to tomorrow, initially got it back in October. I really just do not know what to do in regards to wait until end of day tomorrow or try to postpone again?

Intel offer:

base: $92k, $5k hiring bonus, $10k/4 rsus, +quarterly bonus + annual performance bonus



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  • Kaiser Permanente ImSikh
    Accept the Intel offer and then decide if the MSFT offer is good enough or not to bail
    Jan 14 1
    • Intel 🍖 head
      Agree..take the safe offer first. You can always bail for something better.
      Jan 15
  • Quora VyDk45
    Try to postpone again, worst case they say no
    Jan 14 0
  • If you are in Bay Area, please try and get into HW startup.
    Jan 16 0


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