IBM Global Business Services

Feb 9 5 Comments


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  • Deloitte PocoPoco
    Nope. I cudn't find an IBM bowl on FB. Is there an access/invite required for that?
    Feb 9 1
    • IBM / Data bbWI22
      You might need to be an IBM employee. Just post on a public bowl just like you did here
      Feb 9
  • IBM tDUy76
    Hi, GBS here. Is your experience in industry or with a consulting firm? With only 5 years I would slot you at high end C or low end SC. After MC you have SMC which is equivalent to a SM at Big 4/Accenture
    This all being said, I simply cannot advise someone to join IBM GBS at this juncture. The organization is a disaster and bench is huge. If you’d like more details please DM
    Feb 11 0
  • Deloitte PocoPoco
    Thanks useless preacher!
    Feb 10 0
  • IBM / Data bbWI22
    Did you post on fishbowl?
    Feb 9 0