If referrals suck, then what?

Jan 13 9 Comments

So lets be honest:

Referrals are weird when you don’t personally know a person. Also, an extra 1k as a referral fee doesn’t really mean all that much as an incentive when one is making 200k+. I’ve asked for referrals on here but I haven’t really gotten much help (understandingly so).

I’m on the market for jobs but I don’t receive any responses back from applying online from any good companies and startups, which is weird because I went to a top CS school and have AI work experience. Where does that leave me? The algorithms on these job sites filter me out and I don’t have a huge network to get me interviews.

Any tips? If anything, this has given me some solid ideas for how recruiting could work 10x better with better technology.


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  • New / Eng flashh
    If you’re paying for referrals then you are doing it wrong!
    Jan 13 1
    • Capital One gully
      Lol I’m not! I’m referring to the referral fee companies give to those who refer successful candidates.
      Jan 13
  • Publicis Sapient / Eng LCdebugger
    Let me know if you want to be referred to splunk or Amazon
    Jan 13 2
    • Capital One gully
      Yes! Please DM me. I can’t send one for some reason lol
      Jan 13
    • Zulily qAoe72
      Probably because blind doesnt know how to make a good web ui and puts so much of its attention into mobile
      Jan 13
  • Airbnb wise taco
    Hiring is broken in so many ways...
    2 tips:
    - Rewrite your resume to look more impressive. A non technical person is deciding if someone should call you or throw your resume in the trash.
    - Go to hiring events where the companies you want will be. It costs them a lot and their HR needs to justify the expenses by showing a good number of leads.
    Jan 13 0
  • Google Alphab
    Dm me if you want
    Jan 13 0
  • Facebook depression
    Jan 13 0
  • Intel / Eng anon123ano
    Let me know if you need referral to Intel
    Jan 13 0


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