Increasing tech layoffs seen

Aug 26, 2019 7 Comments

Seeing a rise in tech layoffs.

Others noticing this as well ?

Update here of any recent or upcoming layoffs.


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    • Oath / Other

      Oath Other

      Google, Microsoft
      Not too much to explain, most big tech companies have Saudis and Emirates investing heavily into them,,, with economy slowing down in the region (war, pay to trump billions, etc) it’s pretty natural to see this happening
      Aug 26, 2019
    • Taylor Farms azerty_
      What’s the best way to find out which companies have Saudi money?
      Aug 26, 2019
  • Facebook gEKd54
    No slow down in hiring for the sexy big companies
    Aug 27, 2019 0
  • Zillow Group yes/no
    Recession is coming, increase of layoffs is common
    Aug 27, 2019 0
  • National Instruments / Mktg MktgTrue
    National Instruments just fired 40% of the mktg department. Amazing right?
    Sep 4, 2019 0


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