Indian immigration issue

West Corporation theocean
Nov 9, 2018 76 Comments

[Not crying just trying to understand]
I see lot of indians are worried about immigration and visa situation.
Those who came 15-20yrs back or married to american got GC/citizenship.
But most of us(f1,h1bs, their families and dependents) are waiting and has to deal with lot of issues and uncertainty.

I think there are 3 kind of people (mostly engineers) from tech companies like
1. amazon, Microsoft, Google ... Adobe eBay...
2. Large consulting companies tcs Infosys cognizant etc.
3. Small consultancies who deal in contract, hourly salaries and are mostly involved in fake resumes, visa abuse etc.

It's very unlikely that people working in 1 would be taking any American person's job as their hiring bar is higher and they have lots of positions open & will hire anyone who fits in their requirements irrespective of whether he is american or not.

People working in 2 are mostly from indian MNCs. 60-70% of them are working in testing, test automation, SQL and db admin and other less technical work. Remaining 30-40% are working in engineering/development, something more technical or that requires specialized skills & domain knowledge.
But these folks also has to put lot of effort to get to on-site, handling on-site work as well as as offshore calls. And most importantly keeping client and their manager happy.

There is no point in talking about 3. Those who can't make it to above two are most likely to join 3. No offense but I see lot of South Indians specially Telugus in here. I guess every another person from that region wants to be in us.

Why don't the US immigration system checks applications coming from 2 thoroughly and investigate type 2 companies. These type 2 companies are nothing but white collar commission agents. they must be paying lot of money and bribe to US officials to make things work. I have seen them filing h1b applications for every other person working with them just to improve probability of getting more h1b visas.

Simply ban and take action against 3.

US immigration should make things easier for 1. If they have to leave US then their employer will send them to Canada or some other place and US will loose lot of tax money.
Also if the Americans and US immigration still hates type1 employees then why don't their employers send them back to India. They can do similar work from India for same company. I think many will go back if employers starts paying 50-60%+ of US TC in India. It will save trouble for everyone. Americans don't have to worry about indians coming to US. Indians don't have to worry about immigration issues. Employer will also save 40-50% and immigration process charges.

Am I missing something here?

No trolls please.


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TOP 76 Comments
  • Google ebgbd
    Indians are an overrepresented minority. Silicon Valley wants more African-Americans and Latinos instead of Asians and whites.
    Nov 9, 2018 14
    • Amazon WishFairLk
      Be more objective in terms of smartness level: there should be more non-Indian Asians and whites.
      Nov 9, 2018
    • Intel UGeJ58
      People are candy, and a company can do what they please. The big surprise is that Intel hit its huge diversity goal....2 years early! It seems like the HM's got a bit wild and the goal was accidentally reached
      Nov 9, 2018
    • Google egjeb
      Homeaway, Google aims for equality of outcome, not equal opportunity. They measure their diversity success by the increase of percentage of women and underrepresented POC.
      Nov 9, 2018
    • Google / Eng Neopets😍
      UGeJ58 - that’s cause it’s easy to pick up when your hiring bar is low as shit
      Nov 9, 2018
    • Yahoo / Eng Dumble D
      Indians are underrepresented in sports we want at least one Indian in every NBA team. At least 20 gold medals in Olympics.
      And one place in US soccer team.
      Nov 9, 2018
  • LinkedIn uhQK17
    Let me guess you are in tier 1 and don’t care about the rest. While we all acknowledge that there is a problem with the current system, merely categorizing and banning a tier is not a solution. Every one’s case is unique and tier 3 people would have worked hard to come here.. I will respect them rather than looking down on them.
    Nov 9, 2018 10
    • Symantec / Eng 0x80007005
      And oh....I possibly don't know the law in Singapore, it clearly says it is the fault of the thief even if you leave your door open.
      Nov 27, 2018
    • I am not convinced fully. But half heartedly i believe it is the rules of economy and basic instincts of human nature to survive at play here. Ya somethings were done the wrong way.. Not denying it 😕
      Nov 28, 2018
    • Symantec / Eng 0x80007005
      Countries and government work on institutions. Each instution trusts the others and a chain of trust is created. Example: one govt will give u a visa based in your passport which is issued by the government of another country,hence another institution. It is the responsibility of the issuer of passport to ensure that it is not the weak link in the chain. So if u can buy a passport, you can get a visa, and the chain of trust is broken. So what does the govt issuing the visa do? It can stop trusting passports from that country, nothing more.

      Same is the case here, h1b is given based on ur education. If you are producing masters degree from a college in India, the govt here assumes that the said degree was earned without 'hacks' aka jugad.

      Since 1980ies India has produced tons and tons of engineers, every second college setup there is giving out degrees in comp sc. And the people teaching there know jack shit. So most the the engineers produced, also know horse manure.

      These students also have no interest in comp sc. Their interest is in coming to usa for dollar. If the same dollar can be earned by cleaning toilets, then there would be colleges teaching toilet cleaning skills in India.

      Since they are low in skills and only care about dollars they are willing to work for low wages as well.

      What can the us govt do?Change the rules or stop the visas.

      So yes, it is the fault of the indian govt that they didn't bother to do quality control in education.

      Hacks aren't always good
      Nov 28, 2018
    • Hmmm.. Hehehehe. But there a lot of good people man. I see very good developers and architects who are indians. I see not all are the shitty ones. Yes this time i see your point. I personally know people who i would never even hire to clean my laptop let alone code. They have a gc, happily settled with their family in US and are helping spread the bad name for even the good ones out there.
      Nov 28, 2018
    • Symantec / Eng 0x80007005
      It is always polarized. When I speak to folks who have worked with regular hires at reputed companies they say Indians rock. Sure they do, as they are the good ones. But if I speak to folks who only interacted with contractors or have had to manage them, i get the response that Indians are a shitty bunch. Unfortunately, ratio wise the shitty bunch is more in volume. And Indians get stereotyped.

      Their leader Modi should invest 400mil in quality rather than a statue, and I hear they are making a few more of those.
      Nov 28, 2018
  • Please run your post through spell check
    Nov 9, 2018 0
  • Amazon lingading
    Nov 9, 2018 6
    • I think USCIS should ban all H1B visa until the population of SV is normalized and representative of larger US metropolitan. We need more AfricanAmericans and latinos in the valley.

      Ban 1, 2, and 3. Ban them all!
      Nov 9, 2018
    • Why selective here? BTW what prevents then from getting there? You mean Indians should be penalized for working hard and succeeding with out the SJW support and forced quotas?
      Nov 9, 2018
    • Amazon / Eng Troll Food
      Why don't we ban black and white people in the overrepresented neighborhood too?
      Nov 9, 2018
    • Yahoo / Eng Dumble D
      Nancylosy. Then it will be Valley minus Silicon.. But works for me..
      Nov 9, 2018
    • TriNet AYwy24
      @nancylosy..... you see your fore fathers jumped on boats to come. They may not have even needed a visa. The categories 1/2 are doing it the hard way... the are not jumping over walls , crawling into tunnels . Category 1 is also mostly educated in the United States by beating your Ass for those seats in the universities . So take a chill pill. All of these people pay full taxes and also social security which they may never take advantage but subsidizes the lives of your redneck brethren
      Nov 10, 2018
  • Google / Eng Bluths
    Nothing is going to change in immigration. Don’t like it? You can always go back to India.
    Nov 9, 2018 3
    • West Corporation theocean
      Yes I am ready to go back.
      My last question is if I am in with your company, decide to go back and work from indian office then will the company pay me at least 50-60% of my current TC for similar work? If not then why not?
      Nov 9, 2018
    • Google / Eng Bluths
      Ever heard of demand/supply? That’s how the labor market works. Not based on what you “feel” you should make.
      Nov 9, 2018
    • SAP BGjC08
      Why should they? They pay local rate.
      Nov 9, 2018
  • Amazon uuyz57
    Respect the law of the country and move on, cut your losses and remember when if things doesn’t look right most probably they are not right!
    Nov 9, 2018 3
    • Amazon grpifabjkl
      Ah respect the law of the country argument. Shouldn't that mean this should have remained a British colony, or maybe slave owners, or maybe women should not vote, or gays should not marry.
      Nov 9, 2018
    • Amazon / Mgmt 𓂺a2
      Yes to all of the above
      Nov 9, 2018
    • Google / Eng
      Should be rephrased as “respect the law of the country and move on, unless you can do something about it instead of whining on Blind”.

      That should take care of the edge cases.
      Nov 9, 2018
  • TriNet AYwy24
    I was just looking up a project at fb. I don’t see any white, African American or Latin names there . What’s stopping you guys ?
    Nov 10, 2018 2
    • TriNet AYwy24
      This is publicly available random information
      Nov 10, 2018
    • s2a7
      Super like
      Jan 29, 2019
  • I think they can simply start charging some money for filing an H1B application instead of only charging the full amount when an application is picked.
    Nov 9, 2018 2
    • VMware / Eng SweetDick
      This may not work as most fake consultancies pass the h1b fee plus the lawyer fee to the candidate anyways.
      Nov 9, 2018
    • that sucks. It may not work for 100% of cases, but would still work for a lot.
      Nov 10, 2018
  • Microsoft 4655434b
    I like how the ‘immigration improvement post’ takes a swipe at south indians...

    For tier 2 paying bribes, you got evidence of that?

    And finally, laws don’t get written based on company reputations. Laws have to cover all scenarios with predictable & fair process/treatment.
    Nov 9, 2018 3
    • SAP BGjC08
      Every big companies lobby for favors
      We just don't call it bribe here cuz it is legalized
      Nov 9, 2018
    • Prosper


      Tall white dude
      There have been several whistleblowers in tier 2, that have increased the scrutiny on visa applications from companies in that space. For last few years, VCs systematically steer startups away from working with indian vendors till they are very big and organized like google or Facebook where its at a stage of justifiable scale and they can have offices there.
      Nov 9, 2018
    • Google / Eng

      Google Eng

      What is that about south Indians anyway? Not being an Indian, this is the first time I hear such remarks. Is south India considered less developed or what? (Not trying to troll, genuinely interested in the origins of this)
      Nov 10, 2018
  • Flagged by the community.

    • West Corporation theocean
      Hay man
      I can't understand what are you saying. But I would like to say I have nothing against Telugus or any other people. Many of my Telugu friends are brilliant, working in very good companies and doing really excellent work.
      But there are many others who are involved with consultancies, fake Universities, fake resumes and visa abuse etc.
      Nov 9, 2018
    • Zillow Group Shg7i8
      Just for fun .. take it easy 😂😀
      Nov 9, 2018


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